New Moon, New Beginnings, New Cycles in Aquarius and how to navigate these uncharted waves

Satnam loves, Myrah here. 


Beloved friends I know these past few weeks haven’t been a breeze but good things are coming oh sooo soon! 


Venus/Mercury Retrograde and a few other squares and conjunctions have made things intense bringing to the surface things that need to be healed from the past so that we can fully be present and create a beautiful future. 


We have a New Moon In Aquarius happening this weekend! Feb 4-5th. Mercury and Venus and all planets in our solar system will be stationing into direct motion till the end of April. 


This is really really really BIG news for all of us. 


The energy in our lives will certainly begin to move much faster than we have in a long time. New Moons are definitely about new beginnings, new cycles and Aquarius brings in a focus on the future. You may be getting excited about how to make some changes here and the answers will certainly come to you if you are open to it. 


Aquarius governs change and adventure. 

Get excited loves this is going to be a very monumental time for us in 2022. We are in the midst of freeing ourselves up from fear. We are opening. We are expanding energetically. We will be exploring uncharted waters, whilst being excited about what's to come. 


We are officially leaving the past behind, where it belongs. With the stallion in Aquarius with Saturn, Sun & Moon we have some interesting possibilities. Saturn helps us declutter our lives. 


Saturn helps us make sense of duty. 


Saturn helps us receive wonderful clarity at this time. This will bring order and structure into our lives. Saturn will also help us to settle things down and be persistent. 


We will also have a Uranus square which is quickening the energy available to us. Truly things are going to start moving very fast. Uranus Square will also help you clear the air. Uranus is also going to be Square the new moon. Typically a Square creates tension, this one is going to urge you as well to break free from limitation. With the Saturn energy present we will be feeling a secure feeling about the steps we need to take to move forward. Don't doubt your inspirations loves. 


Don't doubt the ideas and things you know you need to do right now to move your life forward in the direction of your heart's calling. 


We are eternal students. We are learning how to break from the victim like states and stepping into our fully realized potentials. This New Moon there will be a wonderful flow to your life. Flow with it! Do not hesitate. Do not resist. Dive in the natural acceptance and gratitude to the awakenings and the experience. 


Dive into the inspiration and get into your genius zone. We still have lots of Capricorn energy with 4 planets in Cap right now. These few days before Mercury goes direct, it slows down and this will give us time to focus and discover what we didn't see before. In these few days before the New Moon you will have very intense conversations. 


You will feel this strong nervous intensity, use it as food to feed the energy needed for you to create some wonderful break throughs this New Moon. You feel a strong desire to welcome something new into your life. 


You will want to express yourself with total freedom. I cannot seriously WAIT to share my NEW MOON Workshop with you Next Week. 


We will go deep into the heart of all this. 


Love Love Myrah, Robindra and the Bloom Family (Sol and Hero). 


P.S Have you seen our new arrivals?? Stone Washed Denim LOVE.

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