Coming together in the spirit of love... Cancer is the sign of the mother, Full Moon Musings with Myrah

Satnam loves, I wanted to give you a little Full Moon in Cancer insights that I shared more about in my Astro Kundalini Online Workshop this past weekend.

 We use the Moon Cycles to tap into nature's cycles... to bring us closer to home and our connection to all there is... these lunations leave us with clues on how to best navigate these times to help us experience more peace, joy, serenity and expression.
The Cancer Full Moon is happening on January 17th.
My baby boy is a cancer baby and so is my little brother. They are both all about sensitivity and heart centered awareness.
They both remind me to be more gentle with myself and with those loved ones around me.
Cancer is the sign of love, of heart centered awareness.
The #17 governs immortality, so whatever you commit to on the Full Moon will leave a lasting impact on the rest of your year.
This is why it is soooo important to really be aware of what's happening in the stars.
I will be sharing meditations and affirmations that you can use to help you set the exact energetic tone you want to imprint on this day.
Cancer is a beautiful sign.
Cancer is the crab.
Cancer is compassion.
Cancer is loving kindness.
Cancer is nurturing love.
If you have any cancer's in your life, you know exactly what this all means. If you step too loudly, quickly or not sensitive enough
for them you will quickly be in their dog house. They teach us so much about how are are treating the loved ones in our lives.
The shadow side of Cancer, like the crab, is that they can hide under their shell if there's something sensitive happening and they don't
feel their light side.
Cancer is also the sign of the mother.
It's the sign that teaches us mothers how to mother.
The Moon is connected to our feminine cycles.
This full moon is all about feeling that mothering principle in our lives.
Feeling intimate, vulnerable, empathy... any time Cancer is lit up, we feel more of these beautiful qualities in our lives.
Cancer governs your soul family, so it's a wonderful time to set up a dinner party for these loved ones.
Coming together in the spirit of love...
I will be diving deep into all these concepts and much more in my workshop. I hope to see some of you there!
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