New Moon in Aquarius, adventure, freedom and your inner genius

Sat nam loves,  Myrah here!
We have a powerful super new moon coming our way, it's a signal to take this opportunity to tap into a healthy lifestyle, feel the power of joy and expansion in our lives.
The New Moon is in Aquarius on Jan 21st in just a few days at 12:53pm PST.
Aquarius is an air sign which is all about media, information, data...
As we tune into the here & now, we need to tune out the data that is not helping us. 
The data that is not uplifting us and the data/info/media that is cluttering your mind.
By creating this space we can more easily tap into our heart space and intuition. 
Aquarius energy is about to adventure, freedom, your inner genius, your higher mind, your intuition and invention.
New Moons = New Beginnings
Starting fresh.  It is certainly during these times were we have an opportunity to do things differently, do things better and do things with NEW Energy.
Abundance is New Energy.  We all seek it, we want new energy in our financial world, our relationships world, our inner world, our creative world.
Soak it in!
The New Year Truly begins more accurately now with both Mars and Mercury Retrograde over. We can take time during this new moon to look at things from a new, a fresh perspective.
Take time to consider your life in a new way.
Listen to your heart.
Listen closer to your intuition.
Welcome the GOOD CHANGES.
Welcome the NEW ENERGY.
The over all feel for the year is that 2023 will be much different than the past 3 years.
They were much more stagnant than the experience we will see this year.
The Energy will be moving forward very rapidly.
The Aquarian Age is coming!  And again, we are getting a small taste of it this Super New Moon.
We are entering a period of 3 months where there is NO retrograde happening across all planets as of January 22nd, everyone is going direct.  This is major major MAJOR news! 
Things are rapidly getting ready to take off.
Aquarius governs finding inventive solutions, looking to the future, leaving the past and being with community.
Your inventive genius nature is activated when are in the present moment.
You will get your most inspired ideas during this time.
How exciting right!!
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Love Love Love
I am sharing a New Moon Workshop to dive into this energy with you, together.
There is such beauty in community and I'm so grateful to have many of you join me live. 

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