You are ready for fortunate outcomes!! Full Moon in LEO

Sat nam loves,  how are you feeling?  It's been a wild last few weeks as 2023 really has started to move!
We are welcoming in a Full Moon in Leo this Sunday on February 5th.
Leo is the royal star of the lion sign and is ruled by the sun. 
As you are probably already feeling... because of the sun's influence on LEO the messages and lessons and happenings of this Full Moon will feel quite potent.
The key themes of this moon include:
Being Courageous in the face of many changes and new and unexpected energies playing out in your life.  To be courageous in a spiritual sense means to stand fearless amongst change and not trying to over think your way through life. It means aligning with your heart and knowing that is a divine connection that will never lead you astray.
Trusting your intuition and taking actions accordingly.  This means to trust what is already happening in your life. Trust your path. Trust your ability to make the right decisions at the right time.
Shine your light.  This means standing your ground, expressing yourself and showing up in a very Leo The Lion way... no excuses, this is who I am.
There is a lot of energy that is coming up right now for all of us. It is not an easy time but it is a time that if approached with awareness and love can lead to major breakthroughs in our lives.
With all of the unexpected changes and energy coming up we will need to tap into our intuition to navigate and side step any possible dramas.
The Leo energy is about making decisions and not looking back.
LEO is a fire sign
Leo is passionate
Leo is fun
Leo is creative
Leo rules the heart and will ask you to bring a open hearted energy to all the things that are coming up.
A new path is emerging.
You are ready for it.
You are ready for many fortunate outcomes that will certainly occur during this Full Moon Portal.
Trust in the divine timing of your life.
Trust in the goodness of life.
Giving gratitude for this soul goodness is how you amplify it, magnetize it and grow it.
With all the new energy arising, ask... What am I here to see?  What is ready to emerge?
What is becoming clear for me right now?
If you are experiencing sudden shifts and changes in your life... have no fear...
These are the changes that will motivate you to transcend and see that a way forward is clear.
It is time to embrace your personal freedom.
You can take on all of this with courage and a little fire and passion from our friend the Full Moon in Leo!
Take care loves!
p.s New Collection "Heaven & Earth" is dropping this weekend. I'm really excited about this one.
p.p.s I am sharing a Full Moon Workshop on Sunday. Do join me!

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