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Article: Mothering the mother... post full moon musings and integrations..

Mothering the mother... post full moon musings and integrations..

Mothering the mother... post full moon musings and integrations..

Sat Nam loves,
I know with its 3 major lunation's and 7 planets in retrograde, we are all pretty happy that August is now behind us. Truly, it has been an intense time for us all in our own very unique way.
We have all been processing and doing the work to get through this summer of "self love" work that we have been slowed down by the retrogrades to explore.
Perspective is everything during a time of change. 
One shift in how you look at things happening right now in your life and everything literally changes.
If you ever find yourself complaining about something or if something or someone is agitating you or stressing you out... remember how far you have come in the past 6 months and year.
Try to see your life from the outside looking in.
You 100% have things that other people wish for and pray for.
Realize that you are blessed already. 
This is where we are being asked to mother ourselves in a way that transforms "problems" into "blessings"
We do this through the practice of gratitude.
Do you feel any lack in any area of your life?
Try to multiply your blessings in this area of your life with GRATITUDE!! Humbleness works miracles for us. Trust.
You have everything you need to move your life forward.
Right here and now, you have a roof over your head, you have clean air to breathe, you are absolutely ok.
The universe actually works in your favor, even though it doesn't feel like this.
The only way to expand is to face and be brave enough to take on bigger challenges and have bigger dreams that include giving back even more.
We are in a time where we are being asked to look at the lessons learned and to take action to implement the changes.
We can make a major difference by harnessing our ability to integrate and take action.
Let go of what needs to be let go of and commit to making the changes you know clearly that you need to make... don't pretend that you don't know, because soon enough you will forget you are "pretending" and in this "pretending" to be lost, we truly get lost.
Give your mind direction.
Flow with the pulses of your heart.
Do what makes you happy and FEEL good.
The bumps, the challenges, the resistance is all here to make us stronger. This is a perspective that can truly help you get through the day to day of the last few weeks of the retrograde season.
Do not worry if you miss "the take"
In a prosperous world there are as many opportunities as waves in the ocean.
Yes another chance to make change real and tangible happen is coming.
You are more powerful and strong than you were 30 days ago.
You have moved your life forward and you are doing it right now.
You are much more clear about what needs to be done and you are inspired to take affirmative action.
The Yogi's try to see challenges as even more reason for us to be grateful.
We use these moments to really dive into our practices.
These are the times when we can really make a deep spiritual connection to make lasting change.
You have intelligence.
You have perspective.
You have breath moving through your body.
You have a practice you know how to use to direct your energy and mind in a way that serves you and your entire family and extended community.
It's time to DIG IN!
Dig into the archives, dig into the practices, dig into the mantra, dig into your work and then share it abundantly. You are needed. You are perfectly suited to be of service to someone who is going through what your past self went through... you have made it in ways that others are praying for right now.
Be the light.
Be the light house loves.
Have a wonderful restful weekend. I have a really good feeling about next week.

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