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Article: Full Moon Pisces illuminating our path back to nurture ourselves

Full Moon Pisces illuminating our path back to nurture ourselves

Full Moon Pisces illuminating our path back to nurture ourselves

Satnam loves Myrah here.
We are just about to enter one of my fav seasons which is Virgo Season (my bday month!) next week along with a Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th/31st 6:35PM PST.
This is our third lunation of the month which I'm really looking forward to getting to the other side of...
I haven't felt this floored in many years like this.. it's been an intense month of growth and rising to the occasion to meet life at this highly energetic level. Both of my kids have started school for the first time and adapting to that alone has been an emotional ride as of late. Send some good mama vibes love! I need it!
Virgo and Pisces....
Healing and Health....
As the full moon is next week this weekend is the perfect time to get yourself prepared. We have mercury retrograde happening right now which is reminding us to slow down right before this full moon.
Sun in Virgo emphasizes healing!
Take time this weekend to check in on your personal health.
The Full Moon will illuminate many things about our lives to help us see more clearly about what we need to take care of right now in order to move forward powerfully in our lives.
This can feel daunting to face, as this "thing" is likely something we have been avoiding and/or saving for later... Well that later is now!
Virgo season is a time for getting things done, YES even with mercury retrograde happening.
There could be a discomfort as we might have a feeling of not knowing exactly what to do..
Here is your friendly reminder loves... take action early by preparing
Prepare yourselves this weekend. As we approach the full moon, empower yourself, do your 11 minute pranayama, do your practise, stay balanced, stay grounded and nurture yourself so that you have the energy and perspective that allows you to see these big mountains as wonderful challenges that we can and will overcome to get to the life we really want to live...
This weekend write down some positive affirmations and truly focus your mindset on the positive. 
Here are a few affirmations you can write down and put around your bedroom or office.
"Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces"
"I AM now experiencing perfect health, abundant prosperity and complete and utter happiness in my life right now.  I am in a world of people who loving support my life, my health, my family and my projects"
Full Moon's are about affirming the positive in our lives. 
Take note of the good things that are already happening and amplify them through your creative visualization practises. 
Also, talk yourself UP this weekend... so that you are ready to face life's many obstacles and challenges along the way.  
Remember loves, YOU ARE MAGNETIC.
What you radiate out, comes back to you. 
Full Moons are about just that, radiating the energy you wish to see return to you.
Next week it will be time for us to tune up our Health...
You could do some fasting, drink water, make sure you are sleeping properly, set up a dentist appointment, revisit your vitamin regime, your sleep schedule, your yoga schedule... rework your operating system this weekend and next week so we can really power through this third lunation of the month.
Be Proactive! 
Sense what needs shifts and your loving attention and be bold enough to take even the smallest step to begin the process.
Full Moon in Pisces is illuminating our intuition, our compassion, our artistic side and self love.
You might be able to sense and feel that everything is connected as Pisces gives us a peak into a broader vision of our lives and the planet.
Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, so this is a sign of endings AND new beginnings.
Take a deep inhale and exhale as Pisces reminds you to tune into your guides and ask for support and protection.
The most successful people on the planet are those who know when and how to ask for support.
Asking for support is a superpower that is often overlooked.
Pisces is about dissolving energy and old patterns.
Celebrate the endings and take part in the undoing of things that no longer serve you.
Remember that Pisces loves music and enjoys art.
So, why not goto a art show or even better play lovely mantras and relaxing music at home.
One of my goto tracks right is Ek Ong Kaur Lullaby by White Sun Music.
I know these times might feel really big right now.
Trust that everything is good.
Trust that everything IS alright.
Surrender to a greater force that you can trust in.
Surrender to love.
Allow Pisces and Virgo to show you what you need to see and trust in yourself that you will know exactly the steps to take to put you on your unique and beautiful path!
This weekend, prepare yourself, slow down, nurture yourself and be prepared for a very auspicious and big week with the Full Moon in Pisces next week.
Myrah & Robindra

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