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Article: Make 2024 your best year yet.

Make 2024 your best year yet.
Inner Peace

Make 2024 your best year yet.

Sat Nam Loves, Myrah here.
Happy Weekend!
Earlier this week, I checked my calendar and did a triple-take when I saw it was nearly mid-December.
Are you feeling grateful when you look back at 2023?
Or maybe you are feeling discouraged as you had plans that didn't pan out?
The Law of Gratitude says that there is a positive or negative to every situation. 
This means that your perspective shapes how you see the world.
Or maybe you struggled to gain any real momentum?
Or maybe you just absolutely rocked it this year and achieved everything you set out to do!
But here's an important truth — the past does not equal the future.
Your answer to the question above will give you a glimpse into how you are choosing to see the world and perhaps some clues into the programming you have been given from your upbringing.
Our view of the world around us is mostly automatic, meaning it's there before a blink of an eye, it's there before you consciously even choose it.
Looking back to 2023 we can see it negatively or positively....
let's use gratitude to turn the tides shall we?
Let's take a moment right now to shift perspective and ACTIVATE THE POSITIVE.
I AM Grateful for the position I'm in right now.
I AM Grateful for the breath I am taking right now.
I AM looking back at 2023 with grace, compassion and awe of all that did and didn't happen is all a BLESSING.
I AM grateful for all of the ups and downs of the year and I know they have positioned me for the best year ever in 2024.
In a planet where the downward force of Gravity rules everything it is much easier to spiral downward into the negative when thinking back about 2023.
Yes please, take in the lessons learned.
Yes please, don't repeat anything that left you feeling not fully grounded and in your power.
2024 is a blank slate full of possibility.
However, possibility alone isn't enough.
To truly accelerate your manifestations and growth in your business and life in 2024, you need a plan and your calling leading your every step and way.
Without having your Calling/North Star to guide you, it's likely 2024 will look much like this past year.
I say this from experience.
Looking back, my best years were the ones that were led by my calling.
When I discovered that empowering women is what lights me up and drives everything I do, my life transformed. 
From this knowledge, I've had some of the best years of my life over the past few years, even during the most difficult of times, I've always felt that I'm doing my life's work.
When you know your calling + activate the positive, moment to moment your 2024 WILL BE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!
The thing is...if you don't activate the positive for your year, your 2024 will be decided for you.
And I don't know about you, but I'm ready to level up.
This is why in just a few weeks I am launching The Portal To Bloom which will be a membership based website offering a special workshop designed for making 2024 your best year ever.
We just recorded a podcast this week to give you some insight into how we are approaching 2024.
Click here to listen to the Podcast.
In 2024, it is my dream to bring us closer by hosting retreats in Bali and online in the Bloom Portal.
May 2024 be the year that you find your calling, express your calling and experience more abundance,
love, inner peace and good health than ever before.
May your intuition be the voice that leads your choices.
May your every step be supported by spirit and community.
Feeling grateful for all of your support and following our journey together.
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Myrah & Robindra

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