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Article: Sacred Relationships + Teaching Yoga to Cancer Survivors with Lauren Hutchings Yoga

Sacred Relationships + Teaching Yoga to Cancer Survivors with Lauren Hutchings Yoga

Sacred Relationships + Teaching Yoga to Cancer Survivors with Lauren Hutchings Yoga


Satnam loves, being new to Canada, I'm always excited to meet teachers from here who are making a difference in the lives of their communities. 

Meet today's love story @LaurenHutchingsYoga she teaches yoga to cancer survivors and has been around the world from the Netherlands to New Zealand studying and mastering her craft.

She is adorning our La Mexicana Playsuit and looking like an absolute goddess here. 


Please share with us what you are working on right now.

I am a teacher of yoga and meditation and have branded my work under Lauren Hutchings Yoga. Currently, the majority of my work lies in trauma and somatic release through yoga asana, cathartic movement, and breathwork. I am now working to expand my offerings outside of the city and potentially the country.

In the new year I will be starting a Masters in Counselling Psychology to better serve my beautiful brothers and sisters within our community and beyond.

Lauren's bio

My journey on this path began when I attended an intro yoga class at a studio here in Calgary. I felt at ease as my breath held space for me to connect with my body in present time.  I went on to complete my 200 hour teacher training followed by a Yoga Nidra certification and  later completed my level 3 of Critical Alignment Therapy with the founder Gert Van Leeuwan.

My path has taken me far and wide from a Satyananda Ashram in New Zealand to Yoga in Mental Health training in the Netherlands. My passion lies in yoga therapy, trauma recovery and psychosomatic release.

Today, I focus my teaching on Thrive yoga for Cancer survivors, yoga within AHS and trauma and somatic release.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to pay this beautiful gift forward.


Where can people find your services/projects? (IG/Website)

My website is

You can follow me on IG:  @__laurenhutchings__


What are you excited about right now?

I am excited for growth; to step into my power as a teacher and healer and further my knowledge as the heartened student that I’ve always been.

I have been teaching for over 7 years and am now, finally, listening to the call of Spirit to get myself out there and serve on a greater scale.

This being said, it is not only my personal growth that excites me but the idea of witnessing others step into their power to enhance the collective consciousness.

This is big and I can’t wait to see where this takes us! I feel very grateful and blessed.


What inspired you to do the work you doing now?

My inspiration for the work is rooted in my own personal struggles with mental health. Since my early teens, I suffered quite heavily from bouts of anxiety which were then laced with months, even years of deep depression.

I really had no idea how to cope or that what I was going through was even abnormal. It wasn’t until I found the physical practice of yoga when I realized that I had control; that within my body and mind, I had the ability to feel something different; to choose another way. This was mind blowing.

I went on to combine certain clinical practices like CBT with mindfulness teachings of breath and body awareness and continued to attend weekly drop-in classes. I found CAT (Critical Alignment Therapy) is 2015 and became intrigued at my own body’s way of communicating, adjusting, releasing and then transforming without me even having to intellectualize anything.

There was a knowing or spirit within me that could heal my physical body. Since then, I have gone on to study Reiki, Shamanism and have worked with incredible teachers such as Trevor Yelich in breathwork and Tanis Fishman in the Satyananda teachings of Nidra.

What's your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

My challenge right now is myself and stepping out of my own way.

I know that many can agree with me on this but my old limiting beliefs of unworthiness and fear of rejection surface from time to time.

Interestingly enough, as a way to overcome this, I have stopped trying to overcome it. I have decided to walk into the fire of my old limiting habits with my head high, in full faith that I will reach the other side as truer, more authentic version of myself and my purpose.

I am also grateful for the support of my fellow teachers, coaches and friends that have been incredibly uplifting along the way.

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now?

I’ll be completely honest, I am the first to start a certain ritual and then jump to a different one due to this false idea that there is so much to learn and practice and so little time-lol! 

A ritual that has really stuck with me has been committing to a gratitude meditation each morning.

I do this first thing when I wake, even before I open my eyes and sit up. Lying down, I’ll put my hands on my belly and heart and take a few minutes to just feel into my body being breathed. I feel into what it means to be closed and open; in past rumination and future planning.

I feel into all of this while staying connected to my body. I’ll begin to then bring in the emotion of gratitude as I recount all of the things that I am grateful for in the present moment. Whatever comes to mind is perfect.

This is a really beautiful moment for me to get intimate with all parts of my Self before I begin my day.

How can the community support you right now? 


A wonderful way to support me is to follow me through my newsletter or social media so that YOU can also spread the word of these teachings.

This work, of course is not my own, I am only one of the many facilitators or healers that was called to spread this sacred knowledge of self-healing.

I really feel that we are all working together as a conscious collective to open the minds and hearts of our world and that each and everyone of us has a responsibility to share.

Stay in touch :)  Check out Lauren's work here.

What is your dharma in 2 words.


This doesn’t necessarily have to mean relationship with another person, but with YOUR body, your beliefs, your fears...your light AND darkness.

Anything else you would like to share with the community?

I want to thank you Myrah and Robindra for creating this platform to showcase and support the health and wellness community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What's one service we could feature for you, that would be helpful for your business/projects?

I’d love to get everyone out to a couple of my upcoming workshops below.

Alchemy Yoga Cochrane
DECEMBER 15 1-3 pm
Description and sign-up can be found on my website and the studio site



LIBERATE: Somatic Release
Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates
JANUARY 18th 6-8 pm.
Description is on my website and can also be found on the studio website at



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