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Article: Healing and Fashion Pt.1 Linen Fabric

Healing and Fashion Pt.1 Linen Fabric

Healing and Fashion Pt.1 Linen Fabric

As someone who has been dealing with postpartum thyroid issues, I have personally been looking everywhere for causes and healing.  As per usual, in life.. the answer was already in front of me.

As a clothing designer I have been researching the history and qualities of linen for the clothes but never was I looking at it as way to heal my body. 

One way was looking at my diet, lifestyle + the chemicals I get exposed to daily and now the clothing I wear as a path to figure this healing path all out. Check out the research below!

Photo above: 100% Linen, Radiant Gown, Available now.

Scientists have discovered that linen fibers reflect light.  

Nobel prize winning Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg identified signature frequency numbers of the average human at 70-90.

Linen measures at 5,000 signature frequencies!

When read this, my world turned on its side for a moment. Aha! The future of our collection has been discovered and its something we will expand on over the coming years.

I believe that in life, we teach what we need to learn and I was given my thyroid issues to inspire me to seek solutions and then share them as widely as possible and I truly believe this is one of them.

"When wearing 100% linen, many individuals have testified that their healing was rapid. Post injury or surgical pain was substantially reduced (without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs) when using linen bandages and wearing linen clothing.

In the Latin language, the word flax means “being most useful” and the Holy Scriptures certainly emphasized this material over all other fabrics for the Holy attire. The original Hebrew language gives the attire of Adam and Eve as a linen robe of light (Genesis 3:21). 

"Researchers found that one will fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up in a better mood after sleeping in linen!

No fabric outpaces linen in natural strength, luster and durability. A

Ancient healing secrets revealed in the Holy Scriptures instruct that this fabric is considered Holy attire and part of the sanctification path.

Linen is an ideal fabric not only for attire but for your table at every meal as a “˜high energy’ tablecloth and napkin." - Source  Jillian Hergenrather from the Fabric-Store.com website.

Stay tuned friends, we are releasing an entire collection using healing linen fabrics,

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