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Article: Feel The Golden Flow Of Opportunity with Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

Feel The Golden Flow Of Opportunity with Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

Feel The Golden Flow Of Opportunity with Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

Satnam loves Myrah here.
Feeling golden after the eclipse season yet? It was turbulent and the effects are still playing themselves out personally and globally.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's coming up on April 21st when Jupiter is Conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees, setting up a 21x21 numerology code.
Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus is a once in a lifetime experience as it only happens every 14 years and only exactly like this once in our lifetime.
ECLIPSE Shake Up. There are areas of your life or in the people near you that have had a major eclipse influenced shake up. Things are moving so that the truth can be revealed and experienced.
In Numerology 21 is a number about truth and freedom.
Pluto in Aquarius is also about truth and freedom.
These themes we are seeing being played out in our personal and global collective lives as we speak.
We are being called to see things in new ways.
This 21 21 code is very fortunate and it is something to look forward to!
Expect fortunate breaks and fortunate surprises with the Jupiter influence coming in.
Uranus is about surprises, breakthroughs and revolution. Bringing this home, what does a personal revolution look like for you?
Again, these shifts can be subtle and we can make monumental changes through the small daily steps we take. Try on a new 30 day challenge? One that is packed with things that will shift your life forward? Do it!! Mastermind it with an accountability partner and use this potent celestial energy for your highest benefit!
Jupiter is about having faith, trust, expansion, good fortune, travel and lucky breaks.
Uranus is about shattering belief systems to make life a little more exciting.
Both planets are future focused and this conjunction happening on the 21st will have us focusing on letting go of the past.
LISTEN Carefully.  Loves, we will be getting feedback from the world around us no matter what during this time. This is working, this isn't working... and the good news is we have an opportunity to initiate radical life choices. Remember that the eclipses are still working on our behalf right now for the next 6-12 months.
This is a time to step out of our comfort zones and act on our ideas AND when we do this we can expect the support of Jupiter to bring in lucky breaks and fortunate surprises along our path!
For me this would mean doubling down on my creative work and looking at the things that are already working to give them a little more energy and flow.
This is a time to know that usually big breakthroughs are not usually planned but when we can keep our hearts and minds open we can welcome them in like the blessings that they are!
Remember at first these things may not look like blessings but truly most of the things that are happening are moving to help us unlock our highest potential.
Are there some truths you need to face? Is something not feeling right? Between today and the 21st of April try to get clear on these things.
Build your radiance and aura by grounding your bare feet on the earth a few times a day. Get yourself in the sun and allow its healing rays to penetrate your field with light.
Our limited minds cannot even imagine the blessings that are available to us.
Our job right now is to get out of the way, have faith, trust and to create SPACE for our cups to be filled.
Why NOT? Energy is here.
We are not looking back.
We are MOVING forward!
We are being inventive.
We are ready for abundance.
We are ready for a little more luck to flow our way!
Another light at the end of the tunnel is that there is another blessing coming our way when Venus Conjuncts Jupiter on May 20th. Venus is an abundance planet and brings with her beauty and all the good feelings.
The tide is turning in our favour now and we are ready to lock in!
Pay special attention to the messages and downloads you are getting.
We need to take action on them.
We need to say YES!
Be immensely grateful for what IS showing up.
You can heal any disharmony in your relationships easily. This is a good time for investments. Take a timeout for enjoyment if you can. You feel fortunate!
Happy SUNday loves, be the light in your life.
xoxo love Myrah & Robindra
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