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Article: Pink Scorpio Full Moon and The End of Mercury Retrograde Season

Pink Scorpio Full Moon and The End of Mercury Retrograde Season

Pink Scorpio Full Moon and The End of Mercury Retrograde Season

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
Today, I was reminded of the importance of softening when things feel difficult or intense like it has during the Eclipse season.
On April 23rd in just a few days, The "Pink" Scorpio Full Moon at 4 degrees is a continuation of eclipse season as now there is a deeper energy coming to the surface that is intense, emotional, and revelatory.
It's going to have an eclipse kind of feel to it and just a few days later the Mercury Retrograde cycle will be ending! Can we celebrate yet??
My teacher and mentor always shares that the first door on the path to truly connecting with spirit is humbleness.
When we choose to be humble... we can slow down and recognize that whatever circumstance or person or situation is giving you trouble right now is there as a lesson and up-level opportunity.
There I was, "late" to a meeting with a friend, meanwhile my kiddos wanted just a few more minutes with me to show me their game. Of course, there I was "triggered"...
Triggered. My initial reaction was a little bit of frustration and anger, which then showed me the "story" that was coming up almost automatically about the situation... which sounded like... "parenting is so hard"...
I quickly noticed the thought pattern and in noticing it I got a chance to process it and move forward into just softening into the moment being humble and getting into the play zone with the kids...
Loves, it feels we are being called to integrate the complexity and intensity of the energies right now by...
Letting go
Getting Playful
This Scorpio Full Moon offers us opportunities to face our shadows, again, not easy work!! But worth it!
If we can withstand the complexity we will have the opportunity to gain more insights into our unconscious and our psychology are silently driving our choices and behaviours.
Right now, our patterns... specifically the ones that have been hiding in the shadows are easily seen.
The beauty of the intensity of the eclipse season is that we can make shifts now that will stick, and will last!
Softening when things are hard is challenging but I find that it is the medicine that I need right now.
My hubby always says to me, "If you want freedom, Lose Control"
How does control show up? OVERTHINKING!
Overthinking is the most common way we try to control our lives through our thoughts.
Have I been over-thinking?
Have I been allowing my mind to spin in circles?
Has my unconscious addiction to thinking been blocking me from taking aligned action?
If you have said yes to this.. then it might be time to do a thought purge.
The Full Moon Scorpio and this eclipse season is all about releasing this addiction to our thinking.
Purge. Clear. Clean
I do this work in 2 parts.
The first part is about dumping your thoughts and ideas into your journal for 3-5 mins in the morning and again 3-5 mins in the evening.
100 Wishes Challenge. The second part of this process is to write down 100 wishes a day for 3-7 days. You will notice that it gets hard to make so many wishes at first but trust me within a few days it begins to flow.
You will notice that your frequency of thoughts begins to change. 
The things you are noticing are starting to change. You might start seeing new things and you might start having different thoughts.
Even if it is not an Eclipse, the Scorpio Full Moon is another emotionally intense lunation: besides being in the intense sign of Scorpio, it is also in a tight square with Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and of this Full Moon.
Pluto’s energy is penetrative, intense, and visceral.
Full Moon Scorpio, will bring with it an invitation to cultivate creativity and gravitate toward what makes us feel alive, what supports our vitality, what gives us joy, what helps us open our hearts and express ourselves authentically.
Truly, exciting and moving times. Grateful to have you on the journey with me.
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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