Mercury Retrograde is about self reflection and going inwards...

Satnam loves, how is your new year going?
What are you tuning into?
How does your heart feel?
It's been a wild and powerful time over with our little family here in Bali.
So many changes and so much possibility at the same time. Letting go of so much lately, clutter, relationships that are
not nourishing, approaches to life that weren't working and so much more.
This upcoming week we have a full moon which I will dive deeper into in our next email, however right now we are just about to enter our first mercury retrograde of the year, and bonus haha, if you can call it this but we also have Venus Retrograde happening.
Why is this so important right now?
First, Mercury is retrograding into Capricorn and will be staying there for a while, whilst Venus is also retrograding into Capricorn.
Capricorn, governs our career, our vocation, our path and how we express ourselves... and this dynamic of having the practical mind of Mercury
will impact our expressions in a positive way making them more grounded and focused actions.
Venus in Capricorn will bring out from within us the tone of this expression.
Venus brings a beautiful loving compassionate expression that will give us the opportunity to activate our purpose/dharma in the world.
Venus retrograde is happening at 10 Degrees Aquarius which will bring instant manifestation to our lives. Be mindful of what you are resonating with right now as you will quickly draw it into your life right now. Freedom is the key frequency of Aquarius. Freedom from the expectations and beliefs of the past and taking time to organize our life by setting priorities for that which truly matters.
A lot of focus will be about softening the edges in our communications with our family and loved ones. You will feel more loving, accepting and very importantly
accepting of yourself as you are more than ever before.
We are reconsidering all situations and experiences of our lives right now.
Mercury Retrograde is about going within.
It's a time of reflection, journalling and slowing things down.
How we use certain technology could lose its appeal to you during this time.
It is certainly a perfect time to do a little digital detox.
Social Media Detox would be a perfect practice during the next little while.
The only news you need to tune into right now is your own inner world and musings.
When we have the space and time to go within and explore new concepts and ideas about our lives.
Retrograde in Mercury will mean more to us than just our technology working well and communications getting difficult.
It's a time where through our inner reflections we can find where we are accountable for the results we are seeing in our lives.
Mercury Retrograde is about reflection and reflecting on our lives!
We are all ready to move away from this top down leadership, an old paradigm that has been showing its ugly face these past few years.
We are ready to take accountability for our actions and our lives.
It's time to acknowledge that true accountability begins in your heart space.
This way we know that we are running our lives out of programs of fear, lack, separation and judgment.
This is VERY EXCITING TIME to access and explore higher levels of consciousness.
As you take time to connect and sustain our connection to the heart, we can fulfill our greatest desires.
We are empowered.
We are confident.
We are tuned into what we feel most aligned with, right here and now.
Our old programming will not magically disappear overnight, it will in fact always be there, but we have the ability
to change the volume to a very low level. Where the heart speaks much louder and we move from heart space and not
fear space more and more.
Through meditation, conscious attention we activate our own power and alchemy to stand in our power.
Focus on solutions.
Focus on how you respond to life.
Focus on your thoughts, your connection to your heart and overall focus on connecting with the way you want to feel in this world.
Venus + Mercury Retrogrades happening together allows us to connect our feelings with our minds which allows us to consciously connect
with how we want to truly live our lives.
We will be beginning the Retrograde with Manifestation (Mercury) and arriving in a place of love (Venus). With this Capricorn energy that brings forward
Love, I hope some of this lands for you and helps you take action to activate your lives.
This is a time to set your mind and heart onto the road to freedom and joy.
I hope you can join me for my Cancer Full Moon Workshop next week. I'll send details in my next email over the weekend.
Myrah and Robindra

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