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Article: Your words are powerful, especially during a full moon. Positive Affirmations for the Full Moon

Your words are powerful, especially during a full moon. Positive Affirmations for the Full Moon

Your words are powerful, especially during a full moon. Positive Affirmations for the Full Moon

Satnam Loves, Myrah here.
I wanted to share a second full moon activation email with you today as I know we are all feeling it this week and certainly over this weekend
it will crescendo into its peak of this cycle.
The moon is connected to nature, it is connected to our nature and our relationship with our mind and heart.
The full moon brings  change, brings growth and she brings to us the experience of life/death/rebirth all in one.
Nature reminds us that cycles are important, that nothing stays the same.
If right now you find yourself in a lull, in a down moment, then know that very soon this too will pass and that naturally we will move out of this feeling.
The Full Moon reminds us to move our body, to dance, to create an altar of our home and body.
I write this to you to help you and remind myself how to navigate this powerful lunation as the sun illuminates the moon.
The Divine Feminine #13
As we are in the 6th month of 2023, we are activating the #13. 
6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 13
The number 13 brings up a lot of creative energy, creation energy, merging mother/father/child and for us the divine feminine.
When we move with the cycles of the moon we remind ourselves and our subconscious minds that we create our lives... that
no matter what is going on, we, the feminine ma force have the power to change things by being creative.
We have 13 lunation's a year and 4 seasons and right now we are right at the half way mark of the year + Venus has 13 cycles....
The number 13 represents our inner creative genius,  which during this full moon will bring to us many ideas that seem outside the box.
Don't shy away from them, do step forward into them with confidence that you are guided. That you are loved. That you are supported.
Let the Full Moon remind you that we are are aligned with grace and the
Your aha moments, these small and big epiphanies will lead to miracles in our lives.
You are not in this alone.
Personally right now, I know that I am facing that the fear of change is being addressed and I am working with it in all the ways I know how.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius is always lively, enthusiastic and can have us running full tilt.
Sagittarius encourages our adventurous spirit.
This is a good time to do visualizations of the things you are creating and expanding.
Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius brings us that expansive experience.
Jupiter is the planet of exactly that, the planet of abundance and its a big giant planet that certainly impacts us here on earth.
More good news!
The Moon will be trine to Mars during the weekend so this will amplify our self worth, inner confidence and put a little extra
positive force in our life experience.
I know that during the Full Moon with the days leading up to it, we can find it hard to sleep, don't let the lack of sleep get in the way of your
enjoying your full moon essence. 
In a polarity planet where the downward spiral of gravity holds everything together it's so easy to get caught up in the negative.  Get past it, move on, keep cleaning clearing and be the one who uses this natural energy to further your life and
your creative ad-ventures..!
The Full Moon will allow you to see things in a way that never dawned on you before, be open for that.
The illumination of the sun on the moon will let you see through the darkness and see the light in your life.
So loves, keep dancing, stay hopeful, stay optimistic and stay grounded.
This Sagittarius Full Moon will bring a focus on your sense of self and areas of your life where you don't feel a high sense of worth will come up...
They will come up for you to make note of and clear into the next cycle.
Your words bring your thoughts into manifestation.
Just yesterday, I was sitting in an acupuncture session as the TCM doctor was putting needles in my acupuncture points my first reaction was ouch!!
I didn't sleep the night before and my inner language was saying that I was feeling sensitive and tired. 
The doctor asked me to say out loud a few times that "I AM STRONG" before she put in the next set of needles.  And, just like that, the needles did not hurt and the experience of the session really shifted for the better.
I share this to remind you that your words are powerful, especially during a full moon.
Try to listen to your inner voice and your outer voice and adjust it to the positive.
Speaking things out loud, during a full moon ruled by Jupiter will carry a big impact!
I'll leave you with some that you can speak out loud right now, but do take time yourself to write affirmations for your full moon and what you wish to illuminate during this full moon cycle.
I welcome miracles into my life.
I am proud of the individual I am and the individual I am becoming.
I am peaceful, centered, and grounded.
I am surrounded by love.
I am peace.
I am the joy of the universe.
My actions today will lead to prosperity and abundance.
The abundance I enjoy is a vessel for doing good.
I am in tune with the energy of prosperity.
I welcome divine miracles into my life.
And so it is!
Myrah and Robindra

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