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Article: Full Moon Sagittarius brings welcome changes!

Full Moon Sagittarius brings welcome changes!

Full Moon Sagittarius brings welcome changes!

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.

Now that we have moved past the eclipse season and mercury retrograde season, it feels that we have all UP-levelled our lives in many subtle and not so subtle ways.

The changes have been immense in my own life and I see that right now over the next few weeks is a great time to create space.  

We create space through cleansing and when we do this we are also creating the frequency of magnetism through the additional space we can have when removing things that represent older versions of ourselves.

Every month, the sun and moon come together to bring something forward about the polarity in our lives. Which allows us to bring all aspects of our lives into balance.

Through the lens and experience of the full moon we get to see the light and dark in our lives.  We clearly see our mistakes and through these we can grow.

There is no such thing as perfect as everything is always evolving... this includes us!

We recently saw how the Sagittarius New Moon brought much joy and many blessings to our lives.  This time around the Sun is going to be in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius which creates an opposition. 

This is actually very good news as it will allow us to see both sides of our lives, the light and dark. To help us learn, understand, process the ways of our being that no longer serve so that we can be with higher versions of ourselves.

Contrast allows us to integrate and grow!

The great contrast that you might experience might last a few days or a few moments, I know for myself I have already felt a few days of contrast. Seeing and hearing from my own inner fears, worries and old programming to waking up today and feeling that those needed to come up so that I can see what the right next steps are for myself and my family.

The Sun + Moon will bring forward these themes for us to bring the light and dark into balance.

Yes, many things do not work and yes many things ARE working. The key to all of life is to stay consistent in your work. The basics are:

  1. Keep your body moving, we are not meant to be sitting indoors and not walking outside.
  2. Remove the toxins from your make up, to shampoo, to relationships, intuitively connect to what is toxic and start removing.
  3. Stay hydrated as this uplevel is quite real and the toll on our physical body will be felt if we are not having optimal sleep or hydration...
  4. Cleanse and clear your altar.  No one really taught us how to make an altar that speaks with spirit but use your intuitive sense to cleanse and write a story to spirit through your altar space at home.

The Full Moon brings to light how our subconscious is impacting our lives.

We know that we feel the contrast in life when something doesn't feel good to us.

So, what is feeling good? What's not?

Take note.

Take action.

Notice in your life your relations with conscious and unconscious.

Where in your life do you have imbalances?

Where in your life are you over consuming?  Media, Thoughts, Other people's opinions? ....

How does your heart feel, what is your gut feeling saying to you?

All of these thoughts will come up and the full moon's intention will be to put us back into balance and harmony.

Full Moon in Sagittarius covers wisdom, looks at our quest for truth, helps us see our inner belief systems.

All of this illumination by the Sun/Moon will help us evolve and grow.

The truth shall set us free.  Full Moon's bring up things in our lives so that we can experience and feel a sense of freedom.

It is during the Full Moon where we can gain a sense of renewed optimism for our lives.  To restore faith, that YES things are going to work out and they are working out.

When we have greater peace of mind we have even higher positive expectations which can and will result in many blessings and a lot of good news for us all!

The Full Moon is a call to actively engage in proactive solutions for our lives. 

In addition to the Full Moon, the moon will also be trine to mars.

Mars is a fire planet + Sag is a fire planet.

This will bring up a lot of awareness and shine a light on how we feel about ourselves, our self worth and our inner confidence will be illuminated.

The good news is that we have an opportunity to be in a very positive state during this time and the Full Moon in Sagittarius will amplify this.

If you have been feeling a bit down, the stress, the anxiety, the overload.... I know that things are going to be shifting!!  

Have no fear, love, or simply face them and know that they will shift... because this Full Moon will certainly bring you into new states of enthusiasm which will also activate your natural instincts to take that right next step.




Stepping fully into our newly elevated space.

Creating Magnetism through cleaning + clearing!

All of this will allow you to tap into the passion of your life.

Get ready for some momentum loves, the good news is here.

Trust your intuition + keep creating as the ideas and messages come to you during this lovely Full Moon. 





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