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Article: Working the New Moon in Capricorn

Working the New Moon in Capricorn

Working the New Moon in Capricorn

Sat Nam loves,  Myrah here, checking in!
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As the New Year begins to take form... I want to make sure you are ready to catch the next wave which this weekend is the New moon in Capricorn.
2024 being an 8 universal year in numerology means this is an action year.
This is about taking creative action.
Meanwhile 2023 was a terrible year to start or try to finish something new....
2024 will certainly be a different experience.
It will pave the way to help us with getting things done.
Getting things done is amplified especially during Capricorn season happening right now.
My hubby @Robindra and he is a Capricorn so I feel I get to witness this season unfold through him.
One key that we have to bring to our day to day is to be more unshakable with our peace.
Remind yourself everyday how and where you are already getting things done.
Everyday you are one step closer.
It's ok to zoom out of the hustle and stress mentality. 
I know the New Years brings the expectations of going and moving things forward. 
However truly we all need to tap into our own flow and season.
If you are feeling a slower start, allow yourself the space to be reflective.
It's ok to take a few steps back before you walk with grace forward.
This is the year of the Dragon.
The numerology and astrology will bring us all a lot of abundance and change in a positive way. 
Remember that abundance isn't all about cash and money, there are so many other ways we can be abundant.
When you think of manifesting abundance for you right now, what does that look like?
Is it a project you want to complete?  Is it a trip or retreat you want to take?
Is it more time with your family? Or more time to do your practise?
Whatever comes up for you the New Moon is the perfect time to visualize it, write down notes about it and amplify the vision by staying focused on it happening.
We can make the most of the New Moon In Capricorn by focusing on our plans, and how to manifest them in a realistic way.
To help you loosen up and feel free to explore creative opportunities the Sun and Moon will be exactly trine to Uranus, which favours being more independent and willing to do things in a unique way.
If you are on this email list I know that you are open to being unconventional and innovative.
This New Moon is helping us see the bigger picture for the entire year. This weekend is a perfect time to retreat pull out the diary and begin your year intentionally and in alignment with the stars.
Capricorn represents persistence, it is the sign of the goat, the approach and game plan that we commit to during this potent time will have staying power.
So my loves, start brewing your tea, cancel any plans this weekend that aren't fully nourishing and grounding, take time to meditate in the morning and evening, do your movement practise and when you feel settled and are feeling good start musing about the next 30-60 days and for the entire 2024.
Set those intentions and plant those seeds loves.
This is going to be a WONDERFUL year for you.
I can feel it!

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