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Article: What would you do with 80% more energy? Tea Time with Myrah

What would you do with 80% more energy? Tea Time with Myrah

What would you do with 80% more energy? Tea Time with Myrah

Happy Sunday friends,

Welcome to Tea Time with Myrah, where I share my latest musings and intuitive happenings with life in Bali. 

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It's sunday today as I write this blog.  I love sundays for the ability to reset and recharge.

As the energy of the Virgo New Moon this past week settles and we enter into this new cycle. 

Many can feel now that there is a great awakening energy happening even as we enter a new season of fall.  This is a time to focus our thoughts, energies and actions in a way that spirals upwards.  

The last few days we had Sun Trine Pluto, so we will have felt that empowered energy, as the sun merges with the planet of purging. I'll talk more about purging in just a minute.  

Life, Death and Rebirth is all happening right now. 

It feels much easier to transform our lives for the better right now. Seize the moment with this new determination that you are probably feeling right now. 
As you disconnect from the mainstream noise, you will realize that there is more to life than what is visible. 
There is a profound sense of positive empowerment and inner prayer happening especially today on this very special Sunday.  I feel so honored to have a few moments with you right here and now. 
We will all have some incredible decisions to make about how we want to live our lives. This Virgo energy really brought forward a focus on our health and to work on things that will bring healing into your life. 
It's time to understand and trust your intuition. 
For me, what that looks like is that I've been obsessed lately with going to the local sunday farmers market here in Bali.  The main reason has been to buy this locally harvested seaweed. I've been making all kinds of salads and even pasta with it and its been amazing. Little did I know that the person who runs the seaweed booth was a doctor who specializes in gut health. 
My hubby @Robindra and I took the intuitive call and asked to meet with the doc and see how we could help us. His story was and is amazing and hopefully I'll be able to interview him for our website.
Till then here are my notes!
We have 4 major minerals that we need to make sure we have in order to have optimal health.  
1. Magnesium 
2. Zinc Bicarbonate
3. Selenium 
4. Iron 
+ Iodine, if you are a new mom or dealing with anything related to your thyroid.  He reminded me of how much of all of this is naturally occuring in Seaweed, including iodine and tons of collagen. 
The first step that he recommended to help with my gut health was to give it a break.  He said to "drink what you chew and chew what you drink"
I am meeting him again on Monday to work on a 21 day protocol to complete gut health.   One thing I know we will be doing is cutting out Dairy, Sugar and Gluten for 3 weeks!  I'm a bit scared about it because so many of my comfort foods are going to be out, but I am ready for a major transformation so here goes!!!
Here's what I'm taking out. 
White Rice, Pinto Beans, Pizza, Potato Chips, anything fried is carbs which in the body get converted into excess sugar making inflammation run wild.   Bread, pasta, tortilla's, flour/wheat, oats... 
All of this will give your liver a break. Did you know that if you are feeling tired that. 
We spend 80% of our energy digesting food.
Imagine if we could get that energy back, what would you do with 80% more energy? 
Well it's possible if you minimize the types of foods that make your digestive system work hard. For example, meat can take 2-5 days to digest alone. Gluten, Sugar and Carbs also make your digestive system soak up all your energy. I know for most of us that would mean drastic changes to our daily diet, but truly what would be possible in your life if you simply had more energy?  80% More!!
A simple analogy is that if we give a car the wrong type of fuel, it won't run well for very long. Same with us, white rice was meant for cows, oats were originally meant for horses.  Honey is medicine not food! 
I'll certainly report back as I take on this new protocol and if any of you are interested, I might be hosting a small group to do it together next month. Stay tuned for that!
Anyways, I wanted to say hello today and I hope some of this inspires you to take on your life in a more loving way, to actively take control of your personal well being and enjoy life!




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Thank you for your writing. I’m finding it very inspirational. I signed up for the Birthing a new Earth classes and I’ve been loving my onesie play suit, just ordered a second one. My husband and I have been teaching Yoga on sundays outside again and feeling so good. Also I’m definitely trying to cut out all those foods that are so inflammatory. Thanks for a great reminder and looking forward to more. Ps I used your discount code today. 😊💛🙏👌


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