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Article: Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos! Prepare yourself for the upcoming full moon in Capricorn and the energy that it will bring.

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos! Prepare yourself for the upcoming full moon in Capricorn and the energy that it will bring.

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos! Prepare yourself for the upcoming full moon in Capricorn and the energy that it will bring.

Satnam loves Myrah here with your full moon musings download!
Are you feeling an eerie yet familiar surge of energy? That’s because we are only a few days away from the Full Moon in Capricorn, an event that will bring great relief as well as a heightened sense of awareness.
We have a Full Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer coming up on July 3rd.  My husband is a Capricorn and my son is a Cancer so this one really hits home for me in a very special way.
First, Capricorn is a cardinal sign which will make this Full Moon feel very pivotal.
Cardinal Signs bring in a shift of seasons in our lives.  For me, our family is moving to a new home this week and it truly feels like a swift and major change.  Likely, you will feel similar shifts according to your life.
Capricorns are about responsibility, in our careers, they bring a sense of discipline which helps us create abundance in our lives.
This Full Moon sticks with the theme by dedicating your day to feeling prosperous. 
What little daily things do you do to feel prosperous?
What are you super grateful for that is already here for you?
Tap into these things and allow the Full Moon to amplify and draw to you more of this resonance.
Take a moment and write down all the things that bring you pleasure in your life right now.
For me, it's those days where I can get the family out for a walk during sunset on the beach. It's those super early mornings when I rise before everyone to do my practise and meditations. 
I feel prosperous when I am sharing a tea ceremony with my friends and community.  
I feel prosperous when I am moving new ideas forward. 
I feel prosperous when I give myself time and space to just be.  
In these prosperous moments, I am not in a rush. I am not in a hurry.  I am falling for the push pull nature of all the external requests that come my way everyday.
I feel prosperous when I take my time and when I honour my time.  This is also a very Capricornian way of thinking and I hope that some of it resonates for you to try on.
Pluto has also just entered Capricorn and will stay there till January 2024.
The Capricorn Full Moon will echo the themes that Pluto is bringing to the table.
Pluto is about wrapping up unfinished business.
Pluto is about the purging of structures, ideas and beliefs.
Pluto will help us let go of themes that are no longer relevant in our lives.
Pluto energy with Cardinal Capricorn will shift things for us, swiftly, and promptly.
This is about ending directions that we thought we needed to go, that no longer make sense
in our lives.
Capricorn is about security and brings forward a powerful creative energy.
There is this feeling right now of many timelines in our lives intersecting all at once... and a lot of it is ready to be let go of right now!
The Full Moon will bring all these themes up for us to look at closely. I would add that it's NOT a time to take it all seriously but to see it with curiosity and know that what is coming up is coming up for you to celebrate and transform.
Do you feel that?
I'm looking forward to this all. This sense that we can bring together our scattered beliefs into order.
Opposite ideas, opposite directions all cradled into one harmonious place.
Think changes without judgement to allow us to find a new sense of inner peace.
Accepting truth as it appears and being able to listen to opposite perspectives.
Accepting it.
Dealing with it.
Moving on!
I can attest from knowing my Capricorn husband is that they deal with facts and they don't get very emotional! Though, I would love more emotion!! Haha.
The good news is with the Sun in Cancer, the feel's will come out while you are cradled in the Capricorn safety.
The themes you will be seeing during this Full Moon will be around building a strong structure that can withstand anything. This will require from you a committed passionate effort (that Cancer will bring your way).
Capricorn is that mountain goat, taking it one step at a time.
Capricorns choose a path that seems impossible and makes it to the top, every single time.
Capricorn is about focusing on what is actually going to yield successful outcomes.
This is exactly the key thing to focus on. 
What steps, actions, things can I do during this full moon that will really move the needle in my life?
What daily things can I do that will compound positively in my life?
Capricorn will help us take charge of clear visions and not muddle programmed visions that have been handed down to us.
This full moon will mark a change of seasons in our lives and propel us into action.
Knowing this is coming up in just a few days, I would get started now!
How to get started you ask? And on what??
I would always say to get started by focusing on getting present.
Declutter your physical space. Your home. Your kitchen. Your altars.
Then book time aside every morning before you get the motor running to slow down
and feel your heart, experience your breath and allow yourself to calm it all down.
Over the next few days as you prepare for the Full Moon spend time in silence and in solitude.. anytime spent right now being outside, swimming in a lake, smelling flowers are very very important right now.
The more present you feel during this lunation, the more grounded you will be and the more intuitive awareness will awaken and give you the answer to what's next, what is in alignment for you and what is being called on for you to take action or no action towards!
Join me live in furthering this conversation for my Full Moon workshop, you can find the link in my bio on instagram to rsvp @myrahpenaloza
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take time to prepare for a wonderful shift that is coming in a few days.
Love Always,
Myrah & Robindra

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