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Article: New Moon Kundalini Yoga + the expansiveness of commiting to go beyond your comfort zone

New Moon Kundalini Yoga + the expansiveness of commiting to go beyond your comfort zone

New Moon Kundalini Yoga + the expansiveness of commiting to go beyond your comfort zone

Satnam Loves,
Is it Friday already?  Well, confessions it's actually Saturday morning over here in Bali, so I am literally writing you from the future. 
Here is what the future beholds :-)  I've decided to continue teaching the online Kundalini Yoga workshops with Livekick studio and I'm teaching the next class this Sunday at 5pm PT. 
Every class has been getting better and better and it's been so fun to connect with so many of you there. 
Because of your encouragement, feedback and love notes... You inspired me to commit to going beyond my comfort zone and continue with this, and wow, it's been expansive! 
Deep bows and thank you!
As a new parent, my comfort zone was really starting to shrink into survival mode.  Honestly, I was going to stop teaching these online classes as its really difficult to do pretty much anything with 2 kids under 3 right now.  I have to get a nanny, I have to clear the house, I have to spend hours preparing and doing the class myself for hours in advance. It was easy to quit this, but I decided to challenge myself and stretch beyond my comfort zone.
So if you have the time this Sunday, join me for a New Moon Workshop at 5pm PT. You can learn more and sign up here. 
They say that when you stretch an elastic band beyond its normal level that it is never the same again. That is also a wonderful metaphor for our own lives. That when we stretch and go into and push through areas of our lives that challenge us, that stretch us, we grow, we learn and we expand what is possible for us. 
As part of team humanity, I am here cheering you on... right here and I am now challenging you to choose 1 thing everyday this weekend that stretches you. 
For us, as new parents it was a stretch to take our kids out to an adult party last night, usually we are in be right when the sun goes down.
Last night was a little different, we left the house as the sun came down, and we were out with the kids at night! 
What a stretch for us... and it was really really fun and our kiddos also expanded in the process.  My daughter Soleil literally took over the dance floor and then jumped in the swimming pool. 
Living her best life, and showing us adults how its done.  This wouldn't have been possible without the intention to expand and do things that are uncomfortable. 
They say nothing really grows in your comfort zone.
So, take a deep inhale and exhale, smile and if you are into it, set the intention to stretch! To do things that make you uncomfortable, at least once a day. That could be talking to a complete stranger at a coffee shop, or at the party that you are going to tonight, that could be dancing or singing in public, or that could be taking your family out to new and different experiences.
Whatever it is, GO FOR IT THIS WEEKEND.  Stretch my friends, stretch!  Stretching is not just for your yoga mats.  Expand, Expand, Expand. Grow Grow Grow and see what possibilities arise for you as a result.  Big love and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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