New Moon in Scorpio, it's all about the flow!

Hello beautiful friends, it's sunday and I wanted to share a little bit about the upcoming New Moon happening next week!

The New Moon in Scorpio is Profound and it happens once a year.

We are all impacted by every lunation, every couple of weeks in our lives. If we can learn to ride the waves and know what's coming we can better be prepared for the ups, downs and everything in between of life. This is why I have been sharing so much about the moon cycles lately. 2020 has been a year where everything we know has been challenged. Truth has been challenged and with it so much change has happened for all of us. 

What we can rely on is the lunation cycle and the impacts of its variations on our energy.  The patterns seen in the stars are divine mirrors for us to reflect upon and this New Moon in Scorpio is no different. 

Scorpio is a Water Sign - it's time to Flow!

Scorpio reminds us that water is always flowing and that life is always in a place of expansion. 
Life is not a series of moments that you put in boxes, life is about the engagement of a process that is like a river, always moving, always changing, always moving forward. 
With this new moon energy you will find that you are able to move energy more quickly.
New Moons and new beginnings go hand in hand and they remind us that we are connected to the divine, to the stars and to the element of water.  Water is the most amazing connector and our planet is mostly water, our bodies are made of water!

Water teaches us how to flow.  This upcoming new moon, allow love to flow from your heart. 

This incredible moment for wealth creation, it's a really exciting time for creative heart centered entrepreneurs. 
Even amongst the grand challenges that have been presented to us all.
There’s a lot of good things to focus on that will put you in the flow!
What makes you feel abundant?
How can you follow that thread?
How can you put yourself in that flow?
Remember that enjoyment and joy activates you, so make plans around the new moon to feel in the flow and allow the rest to be a natural expression of LIFE!
I can't wait to dive into a session with you next week for my New Moon Workshop that will certainly give you the experience of FLOW and put you in the current of what I'm talking about here!  Learn more here. 

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