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Article: 41 Days to complete 2020 + Questions to spark your own personal 40 Day Challenge

41 Days to complete 2020 + Questions to spark your own personal 40 Day Challenge

41 Days to complete 2020 + Questions to spark your own personal 40 Day Challenge

Satnam loves,  Myrah here.

Today is a really important day for many reasons! First off, we are currently at 41 days to the completion of 2020 as we take flight officially into the 21st century in 2021 and the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

I've been thinking about how to powerfully complete this year that has had us swirling in chaos and at the same time helping us to recalibrate to our own inner divine order in a way none of us have ever experienced before.

There is no playbook for these times but what I do know is that we can follow mother nature more closely for clues for what to do next.

As I write this today, is 11/20/2020, so we have an 11 portal opening to a triple 20:20:20.

Never before or ever again have we experienced this alignment, an alignment that brings forward peace, harmony, balance and serenity.

The energy right now around us truly moving and this is a time to jump right into it!

Do take a little time and write down your answer to the questions I share below, then rip the page out and put it on your wall as a reminder for you.

With 41 days left in the year, I want you to take today to think about and write down a few things you would like to do consistently for the next 40 days to complete 2020?

What was the first thing that came up?

What is your intuition telling you right now?

For most of us, especially after the US election, I personally have experienced so much information overload that I've started to feel numb to it and that right there was my wake up call to do things differently.

What things can you commit to over the next 40 days that you would like to do differently?

What habit can you commit to developing that will serve you and help you align to the stirred up energy around us?

By choosing to elevate the way you show up for the final 40 days of 2020, you can create a beautiful connection with your life and your world.

Yes we can, be present in the eye of the storm and upheaval the world is experiencing.

This moment is so powerful and it's time to take complete advantage of this most profound opportunity for personal growth. 11, 20 and 2 govern relationships: 2 people – 2 perspectives, and the compassion and inner peace to accept both.

Other people will be who they will be. You can’t change them.

So, during these times of potential strong disagreements, the opportunity is here to grow rapidly whenever you’re confronted to accept people as they are – and to do so without trying to manipulate them to make your life easier.

The Natural Cycles of our world have a wisdom and divine plan.

Imagine that this Divine plan is helping you get more clarity precisely because you are confronted! Each one of us has our own journey.

Personally, knowing that I've experienced information overload this past few months, I am going back into a devotional practise for the next 40 days.

What food is to the body, feelings are to our souls and I don't know of a practise that brings up more feelings for me than a devotional kriya practise aka bhakti, singing mantras that really move you.

Which mantra's can help you create moments of inner peace for you to experience more soul goodness in your body?

This is not a question that I can answer for you but I hope it awakens a curiosity for you and an answer comes to you.

These times require that you lead with your HEART. Listen to your Feelings. Navigate with your intuition. Not your head. Your heart will inspire you to speak up, be fully present in who you are, voice the messages that are truly inspired and proclaim what your greatest hopes are.

Enjoy, it's a good one with loads of ups and downs and finishing off with a beautiful sense of completion and relaxation.

Love, Myrah

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