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Article: Mindful Mamahood with Mama Om Founder Colby Sherban

Mindful Mamahood with Mama Om Founder Colby Sherban

Mindful Mamahood with Mama Om Founder Colby Sherban

Satnam loves, this week's feature really warm's my heart.  There's just something about mothers who are sharing their gifts, helping other mothers and empowering women to be their highest selves that really lights me up. 


Here is a lovely post she shared about New Moms and Yoga, and a photo of us at a recent Kundalini Yoga Workshop I shared at Yogalife Studios in Edmonton. 

Like the Mothers before me...🌿
Nowadays, many Mamas come to (yoga) class with the fear of what lies ahead. The “how” of welcoming Babe earthside. Too many have heard traumatic birth stories from friends, women in their family, or strangers. The unpleasant experiences we hear about stick with us the most. So no wonder why Mama-to-be is anxious, nervous, and uncertain.
But what if we built up the BEAUTY of birth? The power & strength shown by Mama. The selfless act of surrendering to the experience to give Babe the most loving, gentle welcome into this world! What if we simply trusted the wisdom of Motherhood passed on from the millions of Mamas before us..

Colby here! Colby Sherban if you would like full name. 

Please share your bio:

MamaOm is my business of heart centered offerings. I am currently working with the Power of Intention, creating hand painted and hand stamped affirmation cards AND freehand inked yoga mats - finding the grace amidst the flow. 

I am a Mama of two, partner, local yoga instructor in my hometown, and wearer of all the hats of MamaOm. As a young Mama of my firstborn, Luna, I became fascinated by all that I am as a Woman, all that We are, and all that the Divine Feminine has to offer.

Where can people find you and your work?

My website! https://www.mamaom.ca/blog

What are you excited about right now?


We are taking a leap of faith in the coming months and relocating a few countries south of Canada. This shift is what I am most excited for, AND most challenged by! As we change locations, comfortable routines, and culture I am facing the challenge of my business - to keep it blossoming & steady while embracing the vulnerability of this new adventure. To overcome these subtle uncertainties?... Meditate! Isn't that the answer to all our troubles?! This also excites me, as the potential is untouched. 

What's your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

After Lux, my second born, I struggled with severe postpartum depression. I turned inward for many months of self work, healing  and growth. From here, I began to explore my creative expression that I was disconnected from for too long. As a prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher,  I would see many Mamas facing similar obstacles.

This inspired my desire to empower & support those around me even more!

Our children are our greatest teachers. I am constantly in awe of the Truths they live by and this has been a leading force in the intentions of my work. 

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now?

One daily ritual? Morning Time - starting each day with Love, Light, and Self. As I turned to inner healing, a daily meditation practice was put in place. Inconveniences, lack of time, etc. are not an option. Self-care must be EVERY day. Matcha, Meditation, and Affirmation. This small but mighty gesture of self-care has kept my head and heart clear in the heaviest of fog. From there, I can live in the gratitude and precious moments of each day. 

How can the community support you right now?

Support - feels like a hug for the heart, no?

I would love the community's support in whatever way resonates with with them most! Take a peak at my handmade offerings, sharing feedback on my work, or simply connecting with me on social media, via email or in person!

Please share your dharma in 2 words.

My dharma. Oh, how I feel this has shifted, and I truly feel most connected to my Dharma now more than ever. In two words,  Mindful Mamahood. 


MamaOm offerings can be found through https://www.mamaom.ca/  from there, you can visit my facebook, Instagram, and Etsy!

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