Join Myrah for a women's circle on the First New Moon of the decade in a very special live Kundalini Yoga workshop!

Satnam Loves,
New moons are a call to focus, to open up your perception of reality (your life) and let the pattern of your destiny uncover itself.
The pattern of your destiny and direction of your purpose will stand in the present moment and through every moment, as you attune and begin to sense that pull of destiny, capture it in words that will stir your passion for life and inspire others as well.

Yogi Bhajan said something unusual when speaking about goals and the human approach to life.  He said that it is very inhuman to seek, to look for something and try to get it.

Instead he implored us to recognize and deliver; to be still and let things come to us.  He did not mean for us to be passive, he meant we have the power to be radiant literally in our auras to attract and develop what we really want.

When we recognize our destiny and the purpose that accompanies it, we become present in a tangible and powerful way.

I'm teaching a NEW MOON class online tonight with Livekick, you can sign up here, and we send you a link via email to join the Zoom Video Conference. On Saturday January 25th.
It's a time to really utilize the energy available to us in this very powerful portal. I've been diligently researching and practising and I can't wait to share all my findings and musings January 25th. It's at 5pm PT , 8PM EST. Live from Bali! 
Who is in with me tonight?

I have so much to share, so many amazing things are happening right now. Including the launch of the new Kundalini Gown Short in Flax (photos below).

Warehouse Sale Continues, as we sold out a bunch of items but not the entire stock so it's available and we have some amazing pieces in the the offer this weekend, including our White Luminous Playsuit and new Kundalini Gown Short from our new La Tierra (E A R T H) Collection, available here. good news, there's some incredible specials on the site now...
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Btw, if you are curious that clutch in the photo at the top of this post it is available here!  
Have a WONDER-FULL Weekend. 

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