Japa Jumper Adorned by leading Manifestation Expert Lacy Ann Phillips founder of To Be Magnetic

Hi loves, just a quick share, if you haven't yet heard of Lacy Philipps and her To Be Magnetic Movement, you definitely want to check her work out. 
Leading Manifestation Expert Lacy Philips in the Japa Jumper by Myrah Penaloza
Lacy Phillips Adorned in the Japa Jumper above.
Her workshops are a combination of neuroscience, patterning, and psychology, with a little spirituality, sprinkled on top. It's a process that expands limited subconscious beliefs to unlock your true potential. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and pioneer the life of your dreams, welcome to To Be Magnetic.
In one of her recent podcasts, episode 66, which you can listen to here, she shares her love for our Japa Jumper and we just had to share because we LOVE her work and its so in alignment with the work that we share here. 
Kundalini Yoga is all about dealing with your subconscious to help you manifest a life of your dreams and Lacy's work while it isn't Kundalini Yoga aims to bring a new approach to it all. We love it!
"Right now, my two favourite pieces I am wearing is this incredible Japa Jumper by Myrah Penaloza.  Myrah is just this badass kundalini woman.  I have followed her forever, and watched her have her first child and now her second.
I have always been oogling, at her clothing because its all white!  She made this Japa Jumper that is everything! It's linen, it has the tie straps, its slouchy crotch, it looks amazing, I’ve been wearing cashmere sweaters and its the coziest thing on the planet!!"
I've been following Lacy's work for a little while now and I'm so in love and am so happy that she loves her Japa Jumper!
Check out some Japa Jumper Photos here.

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