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Article: Discover April's Spectacular Celestial Events

Discover April's Spectacular Celestial Events

Discover April's Spectacular Celestial Events

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
I know that we still have a few days left in March and they are certainly potent days that are infused with Venus/Uranus energy. 
This means that we have a perfect weekend ahead of us to amplify the romance and sweet gestures of love with those in our lives.
In Bali, we have been deep in ceremony in many different ways. From doing ceremony with the local Balinese community to making canang sari offerings which bring together Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in our prayers... To Tea Ceremonies with a sweet circle and community of woman from all over the world joining us. 
Life has been good here in Bali and I am ready to start calling some of you in to join in on the expansions, explorations and opportunities here.
BALI Retreats?  Yes please!
I am in the planning stages of bringing a retreat together in May and later this year in Bali. If you have been considering coming do email me and I can add you to the ceremony and retreat invite list!
Email: with the subject, add me to the retreat and event list,
Looking forward, April in 2024 is a 12 Universal month which is all about personal growth and creative expression. In Numerology,
12 is about learning and being willing to be humble enough to see what's arising in your life and taking action on it.
You are ready to learn and acquire more knowledge and you are ready to share your gifts which brings you immense joy and in this way success is quite natural.
April is a month to soak in books, podcasts, retreats, workshops from physical to spiritual topics.
You’re in the driver's seat to create tremendous results in April.
Are you feeling it yet? If not, don't worry you still have 4 days to get on track with this!
Highly fortunate days in April based on the combination of astrology AND numerology codes
April 8
April 20
April 21
Venus enters Pisces March 11 – April 4
Jupiter CONJUNCT Uranus at 21° Taurus April 21, 2024 Window: April 1 – May 3
April 1 – 25 Mercury Retrograde in Aries
Mercury goes retrograde in Aries asking us to be patient when wanting to communicate something we feel passionately about.
Any new ideas you have about forward momentum or abundance can be meditated and refined now before moving forward with implementation in late April and May.
April 8 Total Solar (New Moon) Eclipse in Aries
This Total New Moon Eclipse takes place at 19° Aries – the Prince of Heaven Number - paving the way for new beginnings and shining the light on all that needs to become visible.
Solar eclipses are powerful cosmic events that bring in new energy. The impact of each eclipse can last for months – even years
This Eclipse will actually be much more intense and impactful than the first one as the first one had a lot of harmonious transits with Jupiter and Venus to ease us into Eclipse season. 
There’s something special about the onset of our favorite season.  Spring is a season that ushers in an innate call to clean up and clear out. And we’re so ready to dig in!
I'm looking forward to Spring Cleaning in all areas of my life.  
Have a wonderful end of week and weekend loves!
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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