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Article: I'm using this powerful mantra to activate the New Moon Aquarius Abundance

I'm using this powerful mantra to activate the New Moon Aquarius Abundance

I'm using this powerful mantra to activate the New Moon Aquarius Abundance

Sat Nam loves, welcome to the second month of 2024!
Loves, I am feeling Valentines and I'm feeling CELEBRATORY today.
Our In Store sale is still on, so many classic pieces you can still get for a sweet discount. Treat yourself this Valentine's!
I am checking in with you at the peak of the New Moon Aquarius today.
It can be a wildly uncomfortable time as the moon is stirring things up personally and collectively. 
Here in Bali last night it felt like the entire island was shaking with a giant thunderous rain storm all night. Disrupting our sleep and welcoming us into the New Moon.
The good news... is that these disruptive New Moon energies are fresh frequencies that are designed to elevate us
into new territories that we may have not gone to before.
This New Moon is reminding us that it is time to reach beyond what you think you can handle.
Leap Year, Leap Month, feels like a quantum leap type of scenario and we have to learn how to enjoy the ride and
align with the changing resonance of this moment.
Mantra of Infinity - Ant Na Siftee
One tool that I am using right now is playing the song, Ant Na Siftee - by White Sun Music
on my phone in my room and office all day and night this weekend.
It is also known as the Mantra For Family Karma.
Whether you listen, chant or sleep with mantra, you get the benefits of deep cellular change. The very precise rhythm of Ant Na Siftee puts a certain pattern on your neurons so you have the ability to re-code reality in a different way – a way that gives you sovereignty. You can listen to it for free on Youtube, Spotify or buy it on Apple Music.
I highly recommend it! It has worked miracles for me in the past and right now it's helping me sooth out the pulsing energy of the New Moon with 3 personal planets in Aquarius.
Ant Na Siftee, will cut out anything that divides you from your own rhythmic, cosmic, harmonious current, and will break up limitations and cut out negativity.
Sounds to me that this is the perfect harmony to be playing this weekend.
Right now we have multiple planets moving through Aquarius and we are feeling rebellious, revolutionary and the new moon is encouraging us to free ourselves from something that has been holding us down.
Something that perhaps in the past we didn't know how to deal with, the answers are coming and it's time to listen to the intuitive wisdom that will arise during the New Moon portal.
Remember, that you are always perfectly on time.
Your life is meant to be.
This moment is meant to be, perfectly/imperfectly as it is.
We are being called to live and express our authenticity.
Hold your vision and stay focused on your path. Many distractions will come, many energies from all
over the place will call for your attention.
This is the time for us to stay aligned with that New Dream, that New Adventure.
Visions are opening up.
Continue to trust and take action on what you deeply know.
Clean and Clear before Eclipse Season...
We have a moment of silence here before the eclipse season arrives in April, so let's do the work now to
clean and clear what needs to be eclipsed now. It's a much better experience when we do it ourselves vs the universe taking care of it for us.
Even amongst the disruptive feels there is a sense of emotional safety right now that gives us the space to deal with the things we need to take action on!
Use the "Ant Na Siff Tee" mantra energy to calm and get the benefits of deep cellular change that is possible now, it can cut the negativity, remove the frustration and helps us create space to be creative and in the flow.
Give it a try!  I would love to hear how it worked for you.
xoxo Myrah & Robidra

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