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Article: Unveiling the secrets to manifesting with the Leap Year.

Unveiling the secrets to manifesting with the Leap Year.

Unveiling the secrets to manifesting with the Leap Year.

Sat Nam loves, I've been musing and thinking a lot about the significance of this years Leap Year.
Leap Year Musings..
Every 4 years we have a leap year. 
As a collective we have agreed to add a day to the calendar so that we can be even more 
aligned with the Sun.
Makes me think, if we can just add an entire day to our calendar that TIME IS Malleable.
Time is a construct in our minds that we can play with.... 
LEAP years are moments where we get an opportunity to change our relationship with time. 
I can't help but feel this is the perfect month to shift something in our lives.
This month being a leap year month, it feels like we can use this time to shift something that is no longer serving us.
Do you have timelines in your field that you need to collapse?
February leap year is the perfect time to focus on just that.
Timelines are blueprints of information linked to timestamps within our lives. For example, this could be a project that you really thought you wanted to make happen but keep getting no traction on.
Perhaps, it's time to forgive yourself for that failed.... relationship, project, business, conversation with your kids/parents... all of these things are timelines that we can choose to update and let go of here and now.
Perhaps, you had a timeline in your mind about when you want your specific manifestation or project, or relationship show up by...
....and then it doesn't work according to your timeline... 
...this is exactly when we need to clean and clear these expectations and create new ones (timelines)
When I started thinking about this, I realized I was holding onto timelines and expectations from many years ago, and when I started to let them go and create new visions and timelines, life really started to flow for me and my family.
What timelines come to mind for you?
What are you ready to collapse out?
February leap year really feels like the time to update our timelines.
Let this be the month where you update your timelines to sync with what's real for you right now.
I want to manifest this.... (relationship, job, $$, project) on or before xyz date.
I am now letting go of all old timelines and expectations and installing and creating a new energetic timelines.
How does that feel?
The Sun is in Pisces during the leap year and Pisces is the sign of illusions and fantasy.
Quite literally, the Sun is shining its light on this area of our lives for us to dissolve something that's no longer a fit for us.
I can't help but daydream about ancient timekeepers... like the Mayans, The Vedic, Egyptian and Babylonian time masters and see that they are smiling down on us right now.
They knew the importance of tracking and mastering time.
Back then, everything was about the Sun. In Egypt, it was the Sun God Ra, which rose every morning to provide blessings.
Loves, this is a reminder that beautiful energy comes through on leap years.
Personally, I'm calling in even more effortless experiences. I am done with the hassle and hustle culture of times past.
With the Sun's energy present, it's shining a light for us...
to question things...
to insert NEW energy into our daily lives...
to shift and drop old timelines that no longer serve...
to look at our gifts and SHARE our gifts!
Leap years are energetically charged Portal years.
When I think expansion, I think of an elastic rubber band, stretching beyond our everyday normal lives. Once a rubber band stretches it never goes back to its original shape!
Expand Loves. Excel.
What can you do this month that would give you that elastic expansion experience?
I just booked a Surfing Foil lesson here in Bali for my entire family, for example. Super excited and nervous! as my 4 year old boy in the water is something I'm still getting used to... I'll share pics on IG for sure.
This is the month where your dormant gifts and talents will awaken.
This is the month where we will get in sync with our own pathway and flow to life, letting go of past expectations from ourselves, our culture, our family...
in order to find the path that is truly ours to LEAP forward into.
If you can, take the day off the 29th. Rest, be creative, be in nature.
Use this month to purge and clear.
Make an offering to Spirit!
Give something away!
Allow yourself to receive!
You got this loves. 
Myrah & Robindra

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