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Article: When we stop “trying” and surrender to the flow of life beautiful things happen!

When we stop “trying” and surrender to the flow of life beautiful things happen!

When we stop “trying” and surrender to the flow of life beautiful things happen!

Hi friends, Myrah here.

It's been a while since I last shared an update here. 

Displaced from our home. Our little family was forced to move out of our home recently due to a "mysterious" gas leak in our home.  At first we resisted the entire thing, trying to find solutions for the gas leak, trying to find new places to live, but nothing seemed to work and even more importantly nothing seemed to make any sense to our hearts.

Nothing Felt Right. When we visited new condos to move to, they felt suffocating and then even the idea of living in the city didn't feel right. So we decided to not rush any major decisions in terms of where to live and sold all of our larger furniture and put the rest of our belongings into storage. 

The decision to hit the road and flow. Since we were already heading to Spirit Weavers Gathering for 2 weeks and then we had plans to be in British Columbia, Canada to lead our own Bloom Bowen weekend retreats at Nectar Yoga B&B,  we felt this was in our flow, we stopped trying to go in a direction that didn't seem to work or feel right. 

It's been about a month on the road now and at first, we felt super vulnerable about the entire situation, literally living out of our car, camping, staying at hotels, but it has been such an incredible experience for us.  

Myrah loves Camping? We went totally offline for 2 weeks camping riverside in forests, visited many hot springs, we visited Crater Lake which is the worlds deepest volcanic lakes, Mt Shasta, Bend Oregon, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and now Whistler Canada.  At first, it was super challenging, I'm not the most outdoorsy type, but just a few days in and I can't wait to find the next nature spot to go and set up our camping spot. Last night we found a beautiful camping spot in Whistler, BC, camping alongside a river with our baby and little fur child Suri.

Beautiful Friends. We have met more people and possible lifelong friends along this journey, and it only happened when we listened carefully to the tune of our lives and surrendered to what is happening that these magical things started to occur for us. We have been yearning for more friends on the path, and this trip has truly opened that door for us. 

I'll certainly be sharing more about our journey, one thing we have learned along the way is listening to the song of the day, i.e asking in the early morning what the day and our heart is naturally flowing towards. Today, its a bit of a rest day, so we are taking time to slow down and catch up with life and with you!

I love this candid shot of us behind the scenes here for our collection. Both Kristen and I are wearing our new Origami Gown 

Truly it’s in the moments when we stop “trying” and surrender to the flow of life that beautiful moments occur, I love #kundaliniyoga because it is a scientific way for me to get out of my own way and into the bliss that we truly came to experience, share and uncover in our everyday lives.

Lately for me, what’s truly lighting me up are the friends who consistently find a way to show up.

I see you, yes you the ones that take a moment to read these blogs & share with us in person, on social media, and over email.

What I love are the connections that it facilities outside of these tiny boxes. Wearing the Origami Gown which is available now! I warn you though you may never want to take this piece off!


Photo by @jennclaraphotography__ our little babes are wearing a new design and mini version of our Prairie Gown that we are making with the lovely @shopplaidandpaisley + meet my beloved friend @kristenmarie_ mama entrepreneur and founder of @hilltribe.by.fieldwork 

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