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Article: Tips for having a home birth with Myrah

Tips for having a home birth with Myrah

Tips for having a home birth with Myrah

Theme: Motherhood, homebirth, birthing-partners, creating a safe safe space at home for pregnancy.

Satnam loves,

As the collective world shifts and we return to our ancestors for guidance, more women choose to have a natural home birth in a relaxed environment. In western society, we are taught that this is unconventional, and sometimes we’re met with resistance from others coming from a place of fear.

Modern medicine has its place in the world and has helped save lives, but it has also created a narrative that birth is scary, it needs intervention, and we should disempower the mother by taking away her decisions.

A prime example of this would be cord-cutting. The cord is often cut straight away in hospitals before the baby has received their total blood supply. We discard the placenta, which has given the baby life like medical waste, where else in eastern cultures, the placenta is seen as sacred and holy.

There is no right or wrong way to birth a child.

Every pregnancy, birth, and baby is unique. Therefore it is your decision as a mother. Look inwards; what birthing experience makes you feel relaxed and calm, what makes you feel safe, and what excites you? This could be a hospital birth, home birth, or out in the ocean swimming with dolphins - only you can decide. If you choose to have a home birth, here are some benefits along with my tips for a happy birthing experience.

Benefits of home birth: ‘Benefits of planned home birth include lower rates of maternal morbidity, such as postpartum hemorrhage, and perineal lacerations, and lower rates of interventions such as episiotomy, instrumental vaginal birth, and cesarean birth.’ - NCBI You choose who shows up and what birthing partners are present. You have complete control of your environment. The ability to fully surrender at home is more prevalent as you feel safe. Mothers who have had their babies at home have recorded a happier birthing experience overall. You don’t have to go anywhere unless there is an emergency. You can trust in your instincts and follow your natural surges.

Tips for home birth: Choose the right birthing partners.

Who you have in the room will impact the whole birthing experience. As you’ve already experienced during pregnancy, you are so much more sensitive to energy and vibrations.

Make sure those birthing partners lift you up, make you feel safe, and have your back. Midwives, doula’s, and partners should create a safe container for you as the mother, so you can fully surrender.

Visualize your ideal birthing experience and talk to the baby. Ask them what they want, where they’d like to be born? They’ll send you subliminal messages, trust me! Prepare Waterproof sheets for the mattress Revitalizing snacks & plenty of fluid like coconuts and water A hospital bag in case of a change of plan Plenty of towels A container to put the placenta A birthing pool if you’d like this experience Aftercare for the mother such as birthing pads Any oils or herbs that help you feel relaxed A playlist that makes you feel calm Sick buckets Create an obstacle course Movement will help ease the pain and help your baby move into the birthing canal.

For both my children’s birth, we set up different areas for different movements, such as walking upstairs, leaning on the wall while moving side to side, as well as my favorite spot - sitting on the toilet! These positions free up space and help you open up. Use your voice and trust your instincts.

My midwife invited two trainee nurses for my son’s birth and only asked my permission during the labor. I felt ambushed and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to say no. I hear many mothers saying they knew when to push, they could feel the right moment, and yet they gave their power away to external people because they thought they knew better than their instincts.

As a mother, your body has been made to birth this child. This child picked you. Therefore it’s time to look inward, seek guidance from the God within you and trust that whatever is meant to be will be. Thoughts: I celebrated the births of my children.

I called in my ancestors as I bought forward new life. I used the surges as a calling, not as fear for intervention. I saw and felt my body open and tear in its full power. I was fully present when I held my child and put them straight onto my breast. I experienced the beauty and violence of birth, tapping into my animal instinct.

I witnessed my body turn into the mother it was made for. I bought my babies into the world exactly how I want them to live in it - with love, peace, and strength. It is advised to check medical conditions first with a professional when choosing a homebirth.

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