This month is all about sending out signals of love in all directions, Embrace Love

Satnam Loves, Myrah here.
We have many many 2's coming our way which is a representing connection and the theme of the entire decade.
Feb 22
Second Month
22nd Day
It's time to get acquainted with this pattern and the energy of # 2.
February is going to be truly an invigorating month.
2022 with 2's on each end of this number represents a sort of completion.
This month is going to be a window of truth and an opening to a new world for you.
It will feel like a fresh new breeze... a change in dynamics.
A change in direction.
A new horizon.
#2 represents the duality which is what living on our planet is all about.
Left / Right
Up / Down
2 brings duality into balance so there will be a drop in tension, judgement and stress.
We have the potential to reach a sort of equilibrium this month.
Compassion.  The bridge will show up where you can go from one side, to the other side of the river.
There is full acceptance of everyone in your life.
The heart does not critique or judge anyone.
When you do this for your own life....your whole life will pivot!
You life can and will pivot into this glorious sense of connection that is possible right now.
Connect with your friends.
Appreciate your mentors.
Appreciate your friends.
This month is all about sending out signals of love in all directions!
You will be amazed at the tension that can be diffused and melted away.
Tension ceases to exist when you allow everyone to be.
When you don't interfere with their journey.
When you allow yourself to feel fully and not judge, not criticize you will flow.
This february you can flow loves!
Join me this Wednesday for a Full Moon in Leo Class to Remember.
Embrace your heart.
Embrace what's possible.
Love always,
Myrah & Robindra

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