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Article: The Full Moon of Joy & Freedom

The Full Moon of Joy & Freedom

The Full Moon of Joy & Freedom

Honouring the full moon is a way to celebrate ourselves, our cycles, our sisterhood and our planet.

It’s a way to connect to our divine wisdom and knowledge that is buried within us. As women our bodies mirror the moon.

We have four phases of our menstrual cycle, which is similar to the New, Waxing, Full and Waning Moon, bringing different emotions, feelings and motivational levels throughout the month.

Being interwoven with the moon, we can feel her energy and power.

The same way she pulls the ocean tide back and then crashes it violently onto shore, is the same way she creates beautiful waves to surf on and lights up the sky so bright at night you could read a book.

When we tap into this source of power, celebrate it and channel this energy, we ourselves can become a force of nature.

By opening ourselves up to the moon, we’re opening our souls to receive, release and regenerate.

This month is very special for us Loves, as we experience our 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius.

This rarity in the same sign is here to get our attention. What is the Universe asking you?

What are you paying attention to and focusing your energy on this weekend?

This full moon is focused on Freedom and Joy, bringing with it breakthroughs and discoveries.

To find this happiness we must feel free to play and be creative, the same way a baby opens their eyes wide and plays with the world, drinking it all in. When did you last play?

With honesty and true freedom without fear or self-criticism? This is how you find joy in the present moment.

What brings laughter to your face and a warm feeling to your heart? Focus on that this weekend as the Full Moon guides us.

Why this Aquarius moon is special:

Blue Moon - This means it's time for shifts and lessons to fully land in the long term. Aquarius - This is the gateway and connection to your intuition. What is it telling you? Jupiter - The Moon will be conjunct with Jupiter, meaning an opportunity to experience spiritual growth and expansion.

Creating Space - Jupiter opens us space for more JOY, ABUNDANCE and OPTIMISM, bringing fire to your life and boosting energy.

Workshop: If this excites you, then I’d love to see you at my Full Moon Aquarius Workshop online this Saturday. We will explore and play with our joy! We will address Ego-Reality VS Soul-Reality and open up space to examine ourselves further. Remember…

Peace is our home. Integrity is our way to it. Through Alignment, Thought, Actions Everything we long for meets us there… Read that again.

See you on Saturday!  Here is the link to RSVP.

Myrah xx

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