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Article: Sacred Rituals - Spiritual Cleansing at Home

Sacred Rituals - Spiritual Cleansing at Home

Sacred Rituals - Spiritual Cleansing at Home

Theme: Sacred Rituals

It’s hard to see past the personal and physical when our body and mind is not well. 

Sometimes we need a physical and conscious clear out. Thoughts, frequencies and external factors can cloud our pathways and entrap us in a forest of negativity. 

A spiritual cleanse can help heal, reset and recharge both the body and soul. We often see these as separate entities and yet they are both gateways to each other.

Our body is the vessel that holds our soul, and although we can go far beyond the body in awareness, taking care of our body and cleansing it helps us to grow and tend to our conscious garden - clearing out any patterns of behaviours or repeating cycles that don’t serve us.

Living in Truth 

In Kundalini Yoga we believe in the Ten Bodies. 

  • Soul Body 
  • Negative Mind 
  • Positive Mind 
  • Neutral Mind 
  • Physical Body 
  • Arcline 
  • Aura
  • Pranic Body
  • Subtle Body 
  • Radiant Body 

By spiritually cleansing ourselves we help restore the balance of the Ten Bodies and live in truth. We know when we’re not living in truth because life can feel tight and restrictive instead of loving and free. 

The Universe will also smack you in the face when you’re not aligning with your truth. One day I had a massive bike accident because I didn’t want to attend an event, and my husband and I were arguing in the morning. I knew the energy and frequency was off that day, and yet I pushed myself to go. 

It’s the same way we get sore throats when we’re not speaking up, or when things start to go wrong because we’re delaying the inevitable like breaking up a relationship or quitting a job. 

Spiritual Cleansing

A spiritual cleansing or conscious clear out doesn’t mean you have to be isolated in a holy temple for one month. You can clear your energy and mind by simply being at home. 

Here are five ways I spiritually cleanse: 

  1. Water 

Water is purifying. Cold showers or swimming in the ocean resets the altitude to wash and cleanse the spiritual and physical fields. For an optimal water cleanse do it around the full moon at night time. The power of the moon reflects off the water and radiates throughout us.

Anything to do with salts and minerals in the water like magnesium and himalayan salts will enhance the cleanse too. 

  1. Fasting 

Fasting around the lunar cycles can really help reset your soul. It doesn’t have to be rigid like a dry fast, it can be juices or certain foods. A dry fast will help give more clarity and clear out the subconscious garbage but you have to listen to your body and what feels right for you.

I often fast for four days throughout the month on the lunation cycle. New Moon, day four of the New Moon, day eleven and then the day of the Full Moon. 

  1. Oils 

Purifying the body through oils is a beautiful cleanse. It helps reset the skin and reset the electromagnetic fields of your body. 

Especially putting castor oil through your hair at the roots and massaging your scalp. Ultimately the hair is the antenna that emits messages to your radiant body and fields the information to your lymphatic system - our sixth sense. 

High potency oils are castor oil, pine oil and sesame seed oil. 

  1. Earthing 

This is walking barefoot on the earth and sun gazing. This is powerful as you’re solar paneling yourself and not getting trapped in superficial stimulates like coffee or sugars. 

  1. Silence 

This can be done in the form of meditation, a tea ceremony, being present or sweating in a sauna. Silence opens up space and clarity. It is a way to stay grateful and connected, paying attention to the things we often take for granted. 


Spiritually cleansing is a purification and helps us stay level headed and grounded. If you can invite a practice to become a ritual it becomes sacred to you. There may be resistance, and uncomfortable feelings/emotions may arise, but this enables you to face and heal them, residing yourself to truth. 

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