New Moon Pisces brings peace and balance

Sat Nam loves Myrah here.
In just 3-4 days we will be navigating a very graceful New Moon in Pisces.
Pisces brings us a sense of peace and spiritual balance.
Pisces connects us to our intuition in those moments during this portal when we are alert, in balance and working to stay clear.
Your decisions will be guided and during this very fortunate and abundance bringing New Moon.
The New Moon in Pisces happens on Feb 20th at 11:06AM PST.
As with all new moons, we aim to be around ground energy to truly navigate the New Moon energy.
This is a good time to restart your physical commitments, such as going for daily walks, yoga, working out, swimming, whatever it is you do, this is a chance to re-start. I know for myself, I have been super busy in my own research and creativity projects that I've had a few weeks falling off my physical self care.
The New Moon in Pisces can help us undo and fix/clean things.
Is there a clean up you need to do in some area of your life but didn't know how to solve it?
Now is the time to give it another go.
I know that my life flows so well when I have my ducks in a row.
This is the energy that is going to arise during the New Moon.
A new sense of balance.
Be open to allowing all parts of yourself to harmonize.
It is with this inner harmony that the New moon + the blessings of Venus who is also
in play during this New Moon will bring you abundance, connection with your spiritual community
and major breakthroughs are ready to happen.
Saturn Impact this New Moon.
Allows you to feel grounded, in control and able to take care of your responsibilities.
You will feel very much absorbed in activities that help you get ahead in life.
Saturn is an achieving planet and with this new moon it will feel more like extra energy for more musical, artistic and spiritual achievements.
Saturn will provide us with the perfect balance to the Pisces energy, very open, very expansive.
We will feel a continuing momentum and energy to initiate new ventures.
I hope this helps you navigate this New Moon Portal.
I already feel the shift, at first when the New Moon arrives about 3-4 days out the energy can feel a bit jarring, but as we adjust we begin to feel the more positive qualities of the energy being made available to us.
Take care loves,
Myrah & Robindra

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