Good news Mercury Retrograde is almost over!

Sat Nam loves,
I don't know about you but Mercury Retrograde has been a rough ride in so many different ways and as we inch closer to the end of it on October 3rd this New Moon in Libra will be a nice portal that can help shift everything back into the right direction in 2 key areas of our lives: Love & Abundance.
This New Moon is going to be 2 degrees opposite Jupiter.
Jupiter as you know is a giant planet and anytime it is involved we get big things happening in our lives.
Jupiter is very much connected to the abundance in our lives.  Jupiter is about abundance generation. So this New Moon is certainly a time when we need to activate our personal practices. 
As I do every month, I will be sharing my personal practices with you in an online workshop you can RSVP for here.  If this is your first class with me, there is access to your first class for free.  Sign up and learn more here.
Remember loves, New Moons are also about new beginnings and so bringing this together with Jupiter you might have new opportunities that can bring you immense abundance.  Keep your eyes and hearts open and be ready to receive the messages that are for you right now.
I am talking about your intuitive messages.  The signs that you are seeing in your everyday lives.
Who is showing up.
What is getting your attention?
Are you feeling distracted or focused?
Are you preparing for and ready to accept new levels of abundance in your life?
What could be getting in your way?
I will share practises with you to figure this all out and amplify your space to be more magnetic for this New Moon in Taurus activation.
Here's how it will all work.
So Jupiter will make you feel more relaxed and more sociable than normal.
This will awaken within you your intuitive self and allow you to access the information that you need which includes the steps to take, the ideas to follow and the actions to take to truly draw in the abundance that is seeking your attention.
My husband @Robindra always shares with me a secret to his work that he shares in his Yogi Entrepreneur Course which is...
Double the Joy = Double the Revenue / Abundance / Feeling of flow...
This works for us like clockwork, whenever we feel stuck in anything, we go back to the most basic fundamental shifts in energy on ourselves and that is usually all around laughter and joy.
So take it in. How can you be less serious and more playful?  Could that be a way into this mysterious flow of abundance?
Jupiter is about success.
There is major Jupiter energy happening during this New Moon.
Say YES, to the good fortune that is coming your way right now.
Trust your instincts.
Venus is in Virgo, and conjunct the new moon during this time.
Venus is all about love, pleasure, beauty and peace.
This New Moon can be amplified by becoming more self aware about how to generate those qualities in your life.
What brings you that experience of beauty, that experience of peace and that experience of true pleasure in your life?
There is so much high energy as we enter this next season for us all.
I hope some or ALL of you can join me for my online workshop to dive into this topic and do some meditations, writing practises and riff on how this can all come together for you in a very practical way.
This is about taking back our power.
This is about coming back to the source of our power and our connection to ALL the love in our lives!
Excited yet??
I certainly AM! 
RSVP here  As always, replay's are available if you can't make the live class.
Sending you all the love and abundance you deserve!
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