Five Minutes with Kristen Marie founder of Hilltribe by Fieldwork

Spend 5 minutes with today's LOVE STORY and you will be immersed in the world of creativity and playfulness. 

Kristen Haines is an incredibly talented artist, designer, mother of 2 lovely girls (Poppy and Luna) and business founder of Hilltribe by Fieldwork. 

Everyone Meet Kristen Haines 

The process of creation is so joyful, I love putting my hands to something and seeing it come to life. It is a process, each step takes time and thought, what edge do I want on the leather? What textile with which leather, what part of the textile should be centred?

I am so excited for the new things that have been kicking around in my mind that are launching in the new year.

Current Projects and Creative Endeavors

Fieldwork Co. // Hilltribe Co. // Sunday Rest Vintage // Small Brand Media (FW & SBM mostly my hubby, I help, SRV with my sis, Hilltribe by Fieldwork all me :) 

Creativity and inspiration come from so many places. From spending time in the sun, interacting with amazing women and men following their dreams, watching my babe learn and explore. I love how there is no limit to inspiration, there isn't always rhyme and reason. It's unexpected and beautiful.

Her Bio 

From YEG, I’m a Momma to daughters, a Wife, a Maker. I value family, God, friendship, movement, nature & creativity.

 Where can people find your services/projects?

IG: @fieldworkcompany @sundayrestvintage @smallbrandmedia

What are you excited about right now?

Winter Hibernation & Finding the creative through it. 


What inspired you to start your creative business?

My husband. He pushes me to be the best, most creative version of myself. And my oldest daughter, I wanted her to have a mother who would inspire her to follow her dreams.

What is your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

My biggest challenge is to be present in all areas of my life. I have a lot going on, and I am in the throws of post partum and all that entails.

My youngest daughter, Poppy is just 2 months, and in that 2 months my hubby and I are trying to slowly launch something with photography and branding, my sister and I launched a vintage store, and I’m still with my own business.

Overcoming: setting time goals, but being forgiving of myself if I don’t hit them. Knowing my priority has to be my babes right now and it’s okay not to get it all done right now. 

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now? 

Tibetan Rites; and story time with Luna, my oldest daughter; early morning nursing & smiles with just my youngest.  

& Playtime!

One of my struggles as a mom is to be a good playmate at home. I am so good at getting out daily, parks, pools, beaches, zoos, every day usually twice a day we are getting out to do something fun, but honestly, is playing with dolls or trains for more than 10 min all that fun?

I try, i love her face and voice but honestly I tend to let her play independently a lot at home, while I work and with the new babe here I wanted her to have a space that is fun to play in and explore, so we did a little room refresh in the photo above.

Added some new toys and set up reading nooks and a house corner, and she is obsessed. All day whenever we were home we found her in her room, playing and exploring.

How can the community support you right now?

Any and all feedback on the creative work at my company.

What do you like and want to see more of from me?

How can I make my website better for you to shop?

Email me - or DM me on IG (@kristenmarie_)

What is your dharma in 2 words.

Exploration & Motherhood.  I don’t know how to explain in 2 words.

Anything else you would like to share with our audience? 

Luminous Playsuit by Myrah Penaloza

Women are amazing, thank you for showing up and being present for each other and each other, their businesses, children etc. 

If you have an idea, and its made of waxed canvas or leather, reach out! I have made everything from bycicle bags, dog harnesses, wallets, laptop cases and more. I am always looking for something to stretch my creative boundaries. Check out my Hilltribe by Fieldwork website here.




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