At home at ease, Life in entrepreneurship, parenting and Bali with Myrah & Robindra

Satnam loves, we are so excited to share a little behind the scenes of our life in Bali. Narrated by Myrah and Robindra at home in Bali.  Click on the video below. 

Hi my name is Robindra. We wanted to collaborate and create a video that kind of shared a little bit behind the scenes of our lives.

We're on instagram.

We share, blog posts. We share a lot But a lot of it's not like this more intimate and sharing more of the story because we are growing and evolving.

It's nice to capture this moment in time with our little family in Bali. 

And also just share that like we've come a long way and we just want the message out there that that anyone can do these things that you see us doing right now. We didn't come to Bali with huge trust funds, we came here with a $2000 credit card and maybe $1000 in savings. We worked we zigged, we zagged and we found ourselves in a flow that really took us to another level.

We kind of want this to be somewhat graspable and digestible and relatable to because we I mean as much as the perceived images that we share on social seem like oh they've always had it together and it's like,

Well no,

Not really.

You know...

There was a struggle even for us, you know before everything finally came together.

I mean everyone has their story but you know the struggle is part of the growth you know in order for the you know for the lotus to blossom,

it needs to kind of you know push itself through the mud and then once it pushes itself through the mud and reaches for the for the side and then starts to bloom.

About Intuition and Being in the moment.

Trust that who's showing up!

Trust the messages that are showing up!

Trust your messengers.  (hint, the people in front of you right now)

Messengers quite often when we're speaking to one another.

I know that my intuition is speaking through her to me.

So you have to trust like who's showing up and telling you things and trust your ideas.

You just never know where this is going to take you.

Mm hmm.

There's a She's my feeling spirit animal.

Look at those eyes leaning into and being curious into what sparks

that inner child curiosity and inner child voice and inner child


And and yeah,

saying yes to it.

And it was staying curious,

staying curious and falling a few times.

You know,

because part of the falling is is part of the standing up and

staying consistent.

Being persistent and knowing interesting that

anything and everything is possible if you just commit to

the vision of yourself that you wish to embody more of.

So for us this is a yoga music festival turned into a clothing line turned into like really just

our lives being expressed creatively.

We're making an album.

We're putting out courses were starting a tea farm,

We're going for it.

And always possible.

It's not always possible.

And also to not just for the greater good of our own experience in our own story,

but just for the greater good of the community that has welcomed us so

profoundly with open arms and this island as well.

If you really desire moving to a new country,

having Children,

having your own business,

being a creative entrepreneur,

it's possible because we did it.

And we didn't come from a big,

you know,

we didn't have much to start.

But now we do And we did it through working and intention and a spiritual


you know,

I was and it goes way boiling it right down to

say yes to one idea that keeps coming up for you and and take

it to the finish line and then say yes to whatever arises next,


Is that it?

All right?




Myrah and Robindra

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