8 New Moon in Scorpio strategies for getting deeper into your mysterious self

Satnam sisters, writing to you from Bali, basking in a rare moment of free time while my sweet daughter Soleil has her first playtime away from momma and dada. 

I felt inspired to share a little bit on this new moon that lands on this Jupiter Day (thursday) day of prosperity. 

Here are a few downloand's that I just recieved in my meditations on how to move through this day that will catapult us into the miracle day that is 11:11. 

Myrah Penaloza Kundalini Gown Collection

This is a good new moon to say sorry for past mistakes so you can follow your dreams free of guilt or shame. It's time to bloom and allow the weight of the past to wilt. 

We have all heard about the pros and cons about this new moon in Scorpio, now let's focus on this new moon trine Neptune which makes us more sensitive and compassionate.

An urge to help others means this a new moon of forgiveness and charity. You will gain a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world. AND understanding our place in the wold requires our participation #GOVOTE. Let this truly be a Moon of transformation.

Allow this New Moon to help you set goals to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future. Strong faith and morals means you need not sacrifice your owns needs or level of comfort. Your ego will benefit from a more spiritual outlook.

Model: Myrah Penaloza wearing Frida Gown

Photo: Isaac Haines 

Your path to success can also be helped by a strong self belief, intuition and sense of destiny. It's all in the attitude of altitude. Moving towards this very auspicious date of 11/11 on Sunday, giving us all an opportunity of deep wishing. The number 11 is a powerful one in numerology, it signifies sensitivity, intuition, empathy, and alignment with the universe. And when you have two elevens in a row? Those are the twin flames, signs of a soul mate connection.

Here are 8 New Moon strategies for getting even deeper into your mysterious self and aligning into this cosmic energy.

Model: Myrah Penaloza wearing Frida Gown

Photo: Isaac Haines 

1. Pay Attention to Coincidences

Your intuition is at an all time high right now, so what might seem like a coincidence is really the universe gently pushing you in the right direction. 

2. Write Down Your Dreams with your less dominant hand 

Just try it, it will take you out of your normal ways and stimulate new neuron velocities in your mental projections.

3. Make a Wish

If not now, then when? New moons are magical portals where there is an incredible amount of energy available for making your wishes come true when you are clear in your request to the universe. 

4. Dance yourself awake - Trance Dance and embody those dreams. Dance like no one is watching, dance yourself into the moment, let go of your thoughts and be with your heart beat. Allow yourself to embody those wishes and dreams and see yourself living the wishes and dreams right now 

5. Pull a (tarot) card.

Use the tarot cards to commune with the universe. Allow yourself to strengthen your communications with the universe and train yourself to notice the signs, see the patterns and realize that there is a conversation happening all around you. A conversation that you and the universe have been having all your life. Let this be a daily ritual that helps keep you engaged. Sit with your favorite deck, or the one that first comes to your awareness while reading this and pull a card for intuitive connection.  

Here is a tarot deck that I Love. The Moonchild Tarot 

6. Get outside and go for a walk.

When we take time to commune with nature, our true nature emerges. Miracles become everyday things. 

Model: Myrah Penaloza wearing Lakshmi Gown

Photo: Isaac Haines 

7. Talk to plants and animals

This connects you even deeper than you can imagine to the universe. Allow yourself to connect to the sweetness and the sensitivity that is all around us and watch everything around you become more uplifted by the sweetness in your voice in communication with spirit.

8. Call On Your Soul 

One word. Meditate.

Model: Myrah Penaloza wearing White Sand x Kundalini Gown

Photo: Isaac Haines 

Let the new moon magic begin.

The magic starts when you realize that it never stopped. When you remember who you are and reconnect with the magic inside you and all around you. 

So keep connecting, keep remembering, and keep the magic going each and every day.


I love you, 


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