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Article: 4 Must Try Sleep Rituals with Myrah Penaloza

4 Must Try Sleep Rituals with Myrah Penaloza

4 Must Try Sleep Rituals with Myrah Penaloza

 4 Must Try Sleep Rituals with Myrah

Satnam loves, sharing a little about my go to Sleep Rituals.  With all that is going on in the world right now, I find more and more people are stuck in fight or flight mode and we need to rest more than ever to process all the changes happening in our lives to rebalance our nervous system and increase our immune system.

Sleep is the body’s most natural healer. It helps us repair and regrow cells, it stores important information in the brain, and it allows space for our souls to wander. 

For a lot of us, a good night's sleep can seem unattainable or even an inconvenience. In a western world that is often driven by masculine energy, we are taught that rest and relaxation is a hindrance or weakness. Therefore our sleep is not respected, even though it’s as important as eating or breathing.

Today I want to share with you my sleeping rituals. I call them rituals and not routines, because it’s a sacred time for myself and family. When I treasure my sleep, it allows creativity to flow through me, as well as regulating my emotions and helping with my natural immunity. 

Carving out precious time before you sleep, not only improves your general health and wellbeing, it helps you connect with yourself and family. 

Here are five of my sleep rituals that help me maintain balance and stay centred.

Brushing the hair for my children and I

This act really helps calm the nervous system. Stimulating the scalp helps with brushing out the energy of the day. I sometimes put my daughter and I's hair in braids as this really helps consolidate a more restful state. 

Using Essential oils 

I usually rub lavender oil on the heels of my feet and my children’s to get into a state of relaxation and to feel grounded. We use doterra oils. 


My daughter and I perform a Kritan Kriya meditation for eleven minutes. The simultaneous finger-tapping and chanting helps enhance blood flow to the brain and allows our spirit to feel recharged and calm. By six minutes my daughter is usually passed out.

Journaling and gratitude 

When my mind is feeling restless, instead of automatically going towards my to-do list I journal my thoughts and gratitudes. It can be anything like, thank you for my chocolate croissant - I really needed that today. When I clear out my thoughts and lean into gratitude, I’m not in idea-focus which can stimulate the mind and prevent sleep. Journaling also helps me to reflect on where I am in my menstrual cycle. 


My husband and I like to reflect on the day together, lying in bed. This helps us stay connected and informed on what our children have been up to that day. We usually fade afterwards unless I am ovulating and feel sexual energy, or it's a full moon. Our full moon ritual is completely different, we let the children run wild and then shower or bathe them so they feel grounded in their energy, we use lots of oils for that bathtime!

Other rituals include a skin care routine, reading a book or saying night time affirmations that resonate with you. 

Once you’ve found your sleeping ritual/s, I want you to remember how it makes you feel, how it helps you sleep during the night and how this influences your everyday life. Remember it is a sacred time, not an obligation or duty. 

The right sleep rituals will help you feel relaxed, recharged and grounded. 

Myrah x

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