Once in a blue moon, what do you want to experience more of?

Hello wonderful friends,

Next weekend we will all be experiencing our second full moon and third lunation for the month of October 2020.  You will be feeling the force of transformation in your life at this time!

Personally, I just completed a truly game changing 21 day total gut reset program.  Something I had no idea I needed, especially being post partum and still breastfeeding.  It went against most things everyone was telling me.  That is another story, that I will share very soon, back to the lunations and the upcoming BLUE MOON!

Blue Full Moon on October 31st

What do you want to experience more of right now?

What's one thing that would make you feel giddy excited that you planned for yourself this upcoming weekend?

What do you want to do "once in a blue moon"?  

Where can you expand your container of whats possible for you to experience right now?

Maybe this look like taking more time in silence for yourself?

Maybe its more time being immersed in nature?

Full moons are about beginnings and endings, purging and feeling your emotions in a big big way! 


This full moon is truly radical and will have you experiencing breakthroughs that you have been longing for a while. 

There will be tremendous excitement, you will likely feel an awakening of leadership, courage, power and abundance in your life. 
Right now it's time to be proactive about creating even more positive change in your life.
Take your power back, draw your attention inwards, reduce your time on social media and things that don't serve your inner world. 
Allow this upcoming week and weekend to be a time of renewal, renewal of love joy and compassion in your life.
It is a great time to focus on your family, blood and soul fams! 
You may have new responsibilities that begin this week, we have been contemplating getting a new puppy, but we will certainly be waiting until after Mercury Retrograde on November 6th and beyond.
Right now it is a healing time, book a little extra time for yourself.
Allow yourself to receive, allow yourself the space to be nurtured and be nurturing, don't be so hard on yourself this week about not getting as many things you wanted to get done. 
This full moon will bring a sense of celebration to your life so enjoy this grand thing we call LIFE! 



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