Full Moon in Taurus October 31st Musings and Insights with Myrah Penaloza

Hello my beautiful people! 

You are wonderful, you are ready, you are strong, you are powerful,  you are a force of nature.

Im happy to share a full moon update today as well as my excitement for the Kundalini Gown short in my favorite fabric right now which is our new Linen / Cotton Luxe.

Full Moon Musings

Next weekend we have the second full moon in October, which is called a blue moon, a super rare occasion.  It is super action packed so its time to prepare loves!  I'll be sharing practises you can do for the next this Sunday so stay tuned for that. 

The theme for this full moon what you will witness is the idea of bringing your life into order, getting your life into alignment. 

The ultimate alignment that we are all seeking is heart and mind.

2020 has been a year where we have all had to deal with our relationship to truth, inching us closer to being more natural and using our instincts instead of our minds, because we literally had no choice.  

We are all processing things about ourselves and our world right now that we didn't consider until 2020. 

It's a grand upleveling and it is upto US to hold a clear and beautiful future in our minds and hearts.

Your instinct comes from your gut.

Your intuition comes from your heart. 

It is all neurology, you are in total control of it all, your mind, your emotional state and your health.

Do you want to feel more in tune with your instincts?

Focus on your gut health.  There is a reason why fasting has become more popular this year and I can share first hand that it can be a super beneficial practise if you have the right guidance for your own health.  I would not do it by myself and I personally consulted with a doctor through the entire process. I will be sharing my story about my 21 day fast next week, I am currently on day 19 of 21, I'm almost there!  

Do you want to feel more in tune with your heart?

Focus on practises that bring you joy, clear your mind and build positive habits that pull you away from autopilot mind numbing on social media and into the present moment, breathing, dancing, meditating and being with your community. Learning, taking new courses and trying new experiences that enliven your spirit. 

We are being liberated from the old way and a new way of ordering your life is arising and amplified during this Full Moon. The full moon will bring about the feeling of freedom.

Full Moon in Taurus
Taurus is very comfortable sign, its secure, it likes to feel good, pleasure, beauty and abundance. 
Taurus is a calm grounding sign, it's important to be in a beautiful space of nature.
Taurus is a earth sign and it wants you to appreciate planet earth.  Get out there into nature and out of your mind!
 The full moon will encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone.
Asking yourself deep reflective questions will bring up things you can transform into light. 
Where have my thoughts and feelings got me to into a rut?
Where am I emotionally repressed? 
Mercury retrograde is here till mid November and it's cycle is also a powerful influence on us right now.  
It's giving us lots of concentration for us to be able to get to work.
Your life's work, requires intense mental focus.
You will get a super amount accomplished during the next few weeks. It is not a time to enter negotiations and sign the dotted lines.
The combination of the full moon + mercury retrograde are moving us out of rigid thinking and into possibility thinking. 
New ideas, possibilities and new doors will open for you if you allow them to arrive.
Your job is to simply get out of your own way.  Get out of your thoughts and let the moment and your heart lead the way. 
I look forward to connecting with you soon!



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