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Article: Mercury goes direct and the world literally stands still...

Mercury goes direct and the world literally stands still...

Mercury goes direct and the world literally stands still...

Hello beautiful friends, Myrah here on powerful post

e lec tion Friday, November 6th.

As most of the planet awaits the results from the US. It is quite obvious in the lunations and stars why everything globally is at a standstill. 

Mercury goes direct and the world literally stands still!

As of November 6th, Mercury the planet of communication has gone direct, which means its stationary right now, ie not moving forward quite yet.

This is always the most intense part of Mercury Retrograde is when it is standing still and changing directions. 

Right now with most things in our lives, you are probably experiencing many things at a stand still, some tension, and some unexpected obstacles may be showing up for you.

Take a deep breath with me and exhale, know that this too will pass and it also shows in the stars. 

Mercury stations direct in Libra November 6th

This weekend you should have a sense of equilibrium, a sense of forward momentum to begin in your life.  It is actually incredible to have Mercury Station in Libra as it changes direction. 

Libra energy is harmony which is incredible for growth and the ability to use our voices to impact our lives and planet.  
Mercury stationing direct makes it quite powerful experience in our lives.  We have to remember to merge intuition and action together, feminine / masculine within us.  With all the moving parts in your life, it's not a time to make any quick or harsh decisions, let things flow and when Mercury is moving forward again in just a few days you will see and feel the shift. 
Communication will come to a stand still right now, but it's going to change soon!
We are seeing this happen right now with what's happening in the US, with no decision on the winner and leaving the entire world in a stand still. 
My advice for this weekend would be that it is best to stay in a place of quietude, to be VERY patient with your business, your loved ones and your community. 
When looking to solve issues look at not thinking rigidly about anything! Know that everything is flowing and there will be change in momentum in due time.
There are all kinds of planetary shifts happening right now. 
Mars is starting to slow down and will be station direct on the 13th, which will be an incredible time for sharing your genius, for creative projects that bring abundance in your life.
Have new people, new ideas, new possibilities suddenly showed up in your life? 
The time will come very soon to take action on them and bring these ideas to life... and to activate dormant projects that you want to bring to completion before 2020 completes.  The time is ripe, and it's time to share your creativity with the world. 
The next few days, as Mercury begins to move forward, life will ask us to practise intense patience.  Just know that much better times are coming, it's in the stars and in the upcoming New Moon! 
On November 7th we will begin to experience forward momentum. (tomorrow, yay!!)
We have a Profound Scorpio New Moon upcoming on the 15th, and this only happens once a year! 
There is a powerful energy of alchemy, magic, and joy that will be sweeping our planet and I will share more about this on Sunday and during my upcoming New Moon Online Workshop. 
During the Full Moon our glands are their most active, which can make us feel very emotional and reactive. This class will help us channel that energy, as the Kundalini rituals will allow us the opportunity to make great gains on our inner planes and accelerate emotional healing. Our bodies are made up of about 70% or so of water, and the Full Moon not only affects the tides of the ocean, but the tides in us.
Learn more and join Myrah for this live workshop experience right here.

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