Is it really the beginning of a new decade?

Satnam Loves,

Have you felt a shift in energy with the new year?  Many people have been talking about this being a major transition because we were literally ending a decade and beginning a new one. 

I had a mini epiphany when talking with my hubby @robindra about it, he said when you count to 10, you include the numbers 1-10, and when you begin to count to 20, you include the # 10.

So we came to the conclusion that 2020 is a part of 2 decades and not just one.  In essence, it is a year where we have a chance to take on a decade of completions...

AND it is also the beginning of a new decade...  So if you were worried you didn't complete everything you wanted to before the decade ended, you still have an entire 12 months ahead you. 

What's the first thing that comes up for you when you think of completions? 

What's the first thing that comes up for you when you think of a decade of completions??

 Endings - Can Energize Us

Did you know that the most common age for people running their first marathon is 29.  At age 29, you are twice as likely than a 28 year old or 30 year old to begin. 
Another common age? You guessed it... 39, 49, 59...

When people reach the end of something they tend to perform better.   
Guess what?
We have an entire year ahead of us to complete and end the last decade!
Holy F! Are you with me here? This is MAJOR!
Friends, it's really go time here to complete and also have the fresh start effect of starting a new year and new decade. 


The Fresh Start Effect... People on a fresh start (like the beginning of a new year, new week, new DECADE!!  Are more likely to start on doing things that are good for them. 

Use this time wisely friends. It's FRESH, it's about completions and new powerful beginnings!! 

Who's in??

I have so much to share, so many amazing things are happening right now.

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Here's to our best year ever!
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