12 Months x 12 Challenges. What challenges are you going to take on to activate your greatness?

Satnam Loves,

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears" ~ Rumi

I shared in the last blog post about the idea that the decade hasn't end quite yet, as 2020 is still a part of the last decade as well as the new decade.
In essence, it is a year where we have a chance to take on a decade of completions...
For the past few days, I been thinking about taking on my own completions challenge to really move powerfully into this new cycle, era, decade!
I just thought I'd share and plant that seed with you. 
Yogi Bhajan shared that "You have to activate your greatness yourself, Your magnificence and harmonizing prosperity is your normal state"
I truly believe that completions are just a powerful way forward, a way to activate our greatness, to feel even more wholeness and holiness. 

Reaching your highest potential... it is a great and magnificent responsibility.

Inspired yet? 
Ready for today's challenge idea?
Who would be in for a 12 Months x 12 Powerful Completions challenge?
What completions would you take on? What's reasonable? What's unreasonable?
What completions would be empowering for you? For others you impact? For your family?
What do you really want?? to create, to complete?
Which relationships in your life need closure? What conversations need to be had?
What projects in your life and business need to be completed and moved on from? Or launched forward powerfully?
Are you happy? Truly happy? If not 100% happy, what's in the way? Can you complete something to do with that, to clear a path forward?
I'm just sharing some questions to think about, to ask, then hopefully inspire you to live the answers to these questions.
I'm not asking you to think too much, completions are about taking action and getting clear. 
If doing a meditation challenge comes to mind, you can try a meditation from my Radiant Alignment Meditation Series, here 
Friends, don’t be afraid to go after what you want, no matter how impossible it seems right now. There are so many doors opening up for my little family that just 6 months ago I thought was totally impossible. 
I want you to stop thinking about it, stop talking about doing it, whatever it is, just actually work towards it and stop talking about it. Do something with all the dreams you have talked about out loud.
I'm sharing this, because it's the exact medicine I need to hear right now, maybe since you are reading it right here and now, something here resonates for you?
I could keep going but I wanted to keep this short and sweet. 
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Here's to your best year ever!
12 Months x 12 Challenges. What challenges are you going to take on to activate your greatness?

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