Gyan Chakra Meditation (video) for immunity and healing with Myrah

A lot of pressurize energy that we are navigating through as humans on the planet. And in this is just a tool to help you move through the density and through you know this pressurized time with more grace and more confidence and more love and kindness.

Myrah wanted to share with you some content as well to provide some inspiration for this meditation, just to inspire you to actually get into the Vortex of it.

In this meditation we are working with the radiant body so radiant is our projection. We affirm who we are, through the word SATNAM.

We experience who we are, through the breath. We deliver who we are, through the radiance wahe guru.

Yogi Bhajan often said our presence should be a healing. He also says, can you imagine walking into a room sensing a deep breath. The sigh of relief. Your presence brings healing.

Enjoy this meditation and I highly recommend trying it daily for at least 3-7 days to feel its effects.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful transformational tool for dealing with the world we are facing right now.



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