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Article: A fortunate and abundant Full Moon Sagittarius next week

A fortunate and abundant Full Moon Sagittarius next week

A fortunate and abundant Full Moon Sagittarius next week

Sat Nam love, Myrah here.
How are you? I have been feeling blessed this week in a major way. The thing that has shifted for me lately has been in my ability to allow things to unfold vs trying to control the many outcomes that are happening right now.
I have been trusting in the goodness of life which has been the key lately for me and my family to experience a little more joy than usual this week.
I share all of this because we have one of the most powerful events of the year happening with the upcoming Full Moon In Sagittarius next week on May 23rd at 6:52am PST.
Sagittarius loves to learn.
With Sagittarius energy we have a lot of potential for personal and spiritual growth. You will feel and be more hopeful. You will feel and BE more abundant.
Sagittarius is about healing and having that zest and passion for life.
What makes this a particularly powerful Full Moon event is the presence of Jupiter, who is the ruler of Sagittarius, which will bring this very positive, joyful and incredibly EXPANSIVE energy.
In addition, at the exact same time on the exact same day... Jupiter is also conjunct with Uranus and Venus.
Expect powerful and fortunate outcomes to be present for you.
Uranus energy will have you focus on freedom and releasing anything that doesn't give you that feeling of freedom.
With all of these amazing things happening in the stars we have to take the next week or so to prepare and deeply look at how open we are to receiving the blessings right now.
Does the idea of abundance and receiving bring up feelings of shame, resentment, anger or guilt?
Abundance and our relationship to it is part of the game of life. 
If we don't know how to participate in that game, then we either stay stuck in our patterns or simply give up. What the world needs more of from us right now is to break free from these old patterns and step into the realm of freedom, expression and sharing our gifts.
Next week, we have a Stellium of Jupiter, Venus and the Sun all coming together during the Full Moon in Sagittarius. It's a powerful event that we will all certainly feel in a celebratory way.
There will be a lot of excitement and motivation to do things differently and to step in our power and to propel you forward.
You get increased access to these nuggets of wisdom with Sagittarius that broadens and lightens you up. It will be easier to see the bigger picture of where your life is going.
You have done the work you love, it's time to walk the path that you know how to walk.
It's time to integrate the blessings. 
It's time to put your own crown on. 
You don't need to go back to your old patterns, ways or people.
You will be challenged in ways that make you potentially take a few steps back. This is not that time loves, it's the time to step forward, to trust, to BE the person you have always wanted to be.
You are ready to expand, grow and mature into the best version of yourself right now and the stars are aligning for you next week to express this in the most harmonious way.
Bringing in a gratitude practice this week into next will certainly prepare you energetically for what is coming and unfolding right now.
We as a collective and human species are starting to connect on a deeper level heart to heart.
Full Moon Sagittarius will give you the inspiration to pursue spiritual growth in your life.
Growth is about healing and bringing a lot more energy and passion to life and in the game of life that you are playing.
How you are showing up and who you are being are both ready to be expanded next week.
Trust the natural intelligence of your heart.
Trust in the goodness of life.
Being in the flow and trusting that there is divine current and purpose that everything that occurs is the key to living a life of joy.
Full Moon Sagittarius
Jupiter Sextile Neptune
Venus Conjunct Jupiter.
All of these major happenings on May 23rd and 24th. Anytime we have Jupiter and Venus in our field, it's always really good news.
Take this upcoming weekend to prepare, to connect with nature to put you in the flow and share your prayers with mother nature herself.
A lot of forward momentum and divine gifts are coming your way.
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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