3 Easy To Implement Keys to Longevity and Feeling Good in our bodies

Satnam loves, Myrah here. 

I wanted to share a 3 easy to implement keys to longevity and feeling good in our lives using small adjustments to how we eat. 

1. Eat to live, don't live to eat. 

There are so many amazing and abundant options for the food that we can eat on the daily... so much so that this can become a distraction and a source of numbing ourselves to the stresses of our everyday lives. From this perspective it can be easily seen that we all live to eat.  If we are constantly nagged by the desire to eat then we can never really consciously eat for good health. 

When you feel the urge to eat and it is not your regular meal time, ask yourself, "Does my body really require more food at this time?" Or is there some other reason for me wanting to eat?


2. Avoid Snacking between meals, and eat fewer meals. 

Working on our desire to eat is the first and most important step toward ensuring proper digestion and elimination of food. Your body was not designed to be constantly eating.  The body needs rest between meals. Digestion requires energy and that energy must be drawn from other parts of the body.  If you snack between meals, then either your brain and your muscles will be deprived of the energy they need to do their work or your digestive organs will not receive the energy necessary to do their jobs and digestion will be sluggish or incomplete.

3. Rest after every meal

In simpler times, it was expected that people would rest for a while after every meal. There was no pressure to eat and run. It is i fact a good sign of good food and proper digestion to feel sleepy after a meal. It means that your body is withdrawing its energy from other body systems and applying them to your digestion. Its ok, slow down, sit down, meditate and allow your body to work.  Take a ten min nap or if that is impossible and sit quietly and relax. 


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