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Article: New Moon in Libra - Prosperity & Romance is in the air!

New Moon in Libra - Prosperity & Romance is in the air!

New Moon in Libra - Prosperity & Romance is in the air!

Sat Nam loves writing to you from my home in Bali and I'm excited to share about the upcoming New Moon in Libra as it's going to bring us a lot of really good energy.
For those of you who are new here and wondering, what does Sat Nam mean?
Sat means truth, Nam means name, which translates to the following.
Your path is following your truth, the truth within me is who I am.
New Moon in Libra happens on September 25th at 2:53PST LA time.
This New Moon follows the Equinox which is happening right now on the 22nd/23rd depending on where in the world you are living.
Libra is about balances.
Libra visually is represented with a scale which is a metaphor on balances.
With these scales, I will be sharing how we can tip these scales in our favour to have a turning point energy to it for your life.
I certainly AM.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and abundance.
This New Moon is certainly going to be impacted by Venus which is great for experiencing connection in relationships and firing up the romance in our lives already.
It could be a good time to take a 1 day honeymoon with your love or a date night as you will both be feeling relaxed and charged with the Venus energy that is ever present during this New Moon.
Libra governs beauty, peace and harmony also with the Venus impact we will also have the potential for great turnarounds in the area of abundance for our lives.
Nurturing is also a key theme during this time.
Take time to nurture yourself by simplifying your day during the New Moon. Take this day a little slower than usual. Take time to sit and meditate, take time to put your feet on the earth, go for a walk in nature barefoot and ground yourself in this very grounding and relaxing moment.
Speaking of feet on the ground, do check out our latest Samsara Anklet that we just released on the site, it's been designed with hidden energetic patterns that provide you with protection against external radiations, harmful energies & EMFs.
Libra is also a very objective sign which will give us a wonderful lens to view our relationships and life with...
Libra energy will help us take an unemotional, high level view of what's really happening in our relationships and help us deal with anything that has been triggering you in anyways.
We are all triggered by our external world in some way, be it people, personal situations or global news events. Libra is one of the signs along with Capricorn that can help us in a very quick way to work through any relationships that need healing.
Venus will bring you that loving feeling and Libra will give you the bird's eye view to deal with things in a loving way.
With Venus ruling Libra, you will be feeling the depths of intensity in all of your relationships.
You will feel a profound connection to your loved ones which again is so good for the romance in our lives.
You will also feel the flow of prosperity.
Libra New moon will give you a connection to your intuitive ability to manifest abundance into your life.
Are you excited yet?
I certainly am!
I'll be sharing more about this all on Sunday, do check your emails for part 2 of this conversation.
Love always,

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