Uranus opposite the Sun...and your ever expanding heart!

Satnam loves Myrah here.
It was wonderful to see some of you in my latest New Moon x Astro Kundalini workshop just a few days ago.
One of the insights I shared in addition to New Moon in Scorpio was about the impact that Uranus opposite the Sun is having on us right now.
I am bringing this out to your awareness right now because obviously we are all feeling the major shifts happening and this knowledge can help give you insights to
navigate your life in the most highly vibrational way.
Uranus governs intuitive breakthroughs.
How do we tap into these intuitive moments? We receive intuitive insights in the present moment.
When we are in the present moment we can feel and hear our hearts and its at this exact juncture where we are able to start listening!
When we begin listening to our hearts we start doing things that our minds would never consider.
Please, sit with that for a moment. Close your eyes, bring your hands to your heart and simply breath, be there, feel it there.
Our minds are relating to life based on past experiences and giving us rational guidance.
The ultimate life hack is knowing that when you are completely in the present moment you are no longer in your mind.
It's only with your heart you can fully experience the present moment.
So that's it! That's really IT!
The code to everything. Deeply relax and soften into the present moment so that you can hear your heart speak. You will be inspired
to do things that your "mind" space cannot rationalize, cannot comprehend...
Personally, I can totally relate to this... after years of searching for a city and country to call home my hubby and I kept having visions of being
in Bali. At the time we had no idea how we could unwind our lives from hosting a festival, owning a home a business and all the things that keep us
locked into one time/space.
We didn't have a huge savings account, we didn't have much of anything other than a VISION. A vision that inspired us to keep listening to our hearts and
take ACTION!
Uranus also governs adventures and being open to taking a risk.
We had NO idea that saying yes to ONE idea would lead us to the current life that we live. Everyday I wake up and I am in total awe of
life as it is unfolding.
It took first the ability to be present, then the willingness and trust to listen to our hearts and then being open and not fearful of taking a so-called "risk"
that our rational minds couldn't comprehend. I mean, I was 5 months pregnant while deciding to move to a new country with very little of everything but our
big hearts and big dreams!
I am sharing this with you because right now, I feel the space is RIPE for you to take action.
Right now, the energy of Uranus is taking you out of your mind and opening the space for you to enter your intuitive mind.
The opposition of Sun and Uranus is helping bring balance into your life through a very fast succession of events.
I certainly do right now and I'm in awe.
There are quick moving events in our personal and collective lives right now.
It's time to take responsibility for everything in our lives.
The more we take response-ability, the more power we have to create the vision we wish to live and share.
Mars has just entered Scorpio and is firing things up for us.
Everything's coming together in the final 2 months of the year 2021.
Be ready for unexpected and very exciting new developments in your life.
With this knowledge we have to put ourselves in the space of motivation to take action to flow with the changes that are happening.
Uranus releases us from fear!
What's natural is that our mind/ego will resist change, this is something you will have the urge to do. It's quite ok, knowing that it is natural that we
resist change. However with the Sun opposite Uranus energy ideas that seemed wildly out there may not feel so cray cray anymore.
Allow yourself to make decisions for YOU. Resist the good opinion of "others" and get moving with the flow of your heart.
Please remember, one way that your heart does speak to you is through inspired ideas.
These are those ideas that leave you giddy excited, like could I really do this? How amazing would it be if I did do this??
This is the time to be OPEN to taking NEW Paths and NEW Journeys.
The theme of the moment is LOVE.
The challenge now is to face, uncover and move forward from the limiting beliefs that once held you back.
Our limited mind cannot feel love, cannot experience love, cannot be in the present moment.
But how??
  1. Feel out what you are grateful for... write it down, start a gratitude journal. Right when you wake up in the morning before you do anything, think about all the amazing things in your life that you are grateful for!
  2. Be compassionate. Be nurturing. Be courageous.
  3. Focus on solutions. Keep creating FORWARD and focus on how YOU can be of service even more.
Uranus is go get it energy!
Shine your light!
Let go of expectations.
Step forward into the adventure in every moment of your life!
Your life should be filled with joy!
When you choose the higher vibrational energy of JOY, you have chosen to operate from YOUR heart.
This unleashes a total code of love!
Your heart is beyond, beyond... It is infinitely powerful.
You have a decision to make love, I'll leave it right here.
Are you going to choose your limiting mind?
Your ever expanding heart?
I hope some of this inspired thought leaves with a sense of ease and grace.
Know that you are not alone, you have guides!
You have a support system.
You have SO MANY unseen helpers.
No matter which way you approach all of this.
And so it IS!
Myrah & Robindra

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