The Magical Interplay of Uranus Opposite the Sun and what you can do practically right now

Satnam Loves, Myrah here.
Right now we do have some magical energy at play with Uranus opposite the Sun during the New Moon.
Uranus is the great awakener!  
She is the ruler of the great Aquarian Age.
This is the time for us to conquer our fears and enter into the space of innovation and inspiration for the Month of November and beyond.
For myself, I am giving myself a daily personal journaling practise for the morning and evening everyday for November.
In addition, I am aiming to complete as many small projects as possible that might get in the way in 2022, things like taxes, dentist clean ups for the family, clearing our closet, purging as much as possible.
Giving away and donating food, clothes and anything we don't need.
On the other side, I am aiming to film and release my Moving Into Grace Workshop Series in November. 
Needless to say, its ripe time right now to use this Sun / light energy to create and be inspiring.
What comes to mind for you?
What are you inspired to take on in November to create a powerful beginning in 2022?
Did you know that  Uranus takes 84 years to travel around the sun?
8+4 = 12 
12 energy is the number of the student, it reduces down to the #3 which is about self expression and feeling free to feel joy.
12 is a joyful fun and super artistic number, however the shadow side of the 12 energy is where we are left feeling like we have no power...
this shadow side governs being the victim...
the learning experience is to move out of 12 energy.... Which is what we will be practising and talking about in the workshop.
The Sun is our source of light, it is our source of inspiration , it is our source of creation!
Uranus governs breakthroughs, it inspires us to listen to the light language of our lives!
Uranus reminds us that we are divine beings of light and that each one of us... speaks through light language ourselves.
Uranus stimulates intuition.
Intuition comes from our moment to moment present awareness and a connection to our hearts...
When you start listening to your heart... you start doing things your mind wouldn't even consider.

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