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Article: Top of the mountain, and freeing yourself from the good opinion of others

Top of the mountain, and freeing yourself from the good opinion of others

Top of the mountain, and freeing yourself from the good opinion of others

Satnam loves,  Robindra here!  (Myrah's partner in goodness!)

I wanted to share a story with you about a doctor and nurse who became legends for the work they did together in the emergency room back in Canada.  The nurse was asked what is the secret to your success and being able to do the work together for so long and her reply was that she didn't get involved in anyone's opinion of her especially at work.

In the emergency ward you can imagine you really don't have time or space to allow your mind to consider or be impacted by others opinions of you, you just do the work.


This reminded me of being on top of the mountain.


At the end of the climb you feel this feel of satisfied, content and fulfilled.  You had a mission and that was to get to the destination.


As parents, entrepreneurs, yogi's, humans on the planet in a changing world we need to give ourselves the space and practises to have a commanding power over our own minds/lives in direction and in our actions.


Especially looking at the huge impact social media and the news can have on us, also looking at the impact that our culture and our belief systems can have on us, which are often full of "others opinions of us", we are faced daily with all kinds of things that can take us off our track, our path.


As our little company grew from hosting festivals to tours to even Myrah and I teaching on stages and events and then slow but steady rise of our our clothing collection we started to see that the people around us changed.  When we were and are on mission, there is nothing that will stop us in our tracks.


The truth of the mater is that the more impact you are making in your world, the more challenges we will face... we are given obstacles to help us grow, to humble us to see even more clearly, to see the sun behind the clouds on a rainy day.


As our dear teacher Gurujas from RaMa Institute recently shared " We don't have time to waste on thinking about what someone else is thinking about us"


We all have strengths and weaknesses.


We all have trauma's we deal with.


As my nurse friend shared with me, she just didn't care what the rest of the staff in the ER ward thought of her.  She had a goal, she had a mission and she did her work as accurately as she could everyday and moved on.


This is what happens when we move from job to career to calling.  For many people in her ER ward, many nurses and doctors were working jobs... some felt like they were in their career, and its that subtle shift that when you are working in your calling that no outside force or opinion can impact you, because simply put your mission is much larger than one persons opinion of you.


Your calling is what lights you up, your calling is what your soul yearns to express.  Your calling has always been so close to you that you didn't even realize it was there. It's in every conversation you have every day, it is how you look at the world, it is how you impact the world and it's how you serve others and humanity.


So how about we all take a big inhale and sigh out a big exhale....


Let's let go of the time consuming, energy draining mind pattern and habit of caring so much about what other people think of us.  Let's lead by example, lets lead with our hearts. Let's lead through action.


It can be so consuming to our everyday space when we dream up stories about what we think other people think about us... We drown in our own stories and then we blame the outside world for it, falling into a downwards spiral.  Do you see how much energy is wasted in this??


We don't want to be "reacting" to one another, that is simply way too much power to be giving others in your life.


We want to be inspired by one another.


If you truly want to get a lot accomplished in your life then letting go of personal opinions of others and your own ideas of what those opinions are will be a key to giving you so much more energy to do what you are here to do!


If you don't know, I'm a Capricorn, the goat, the slow and steady and yes sometimes stubborn climber of mountains.

This journal entry,

I hope inspires you to reach the top of your mountain, each and every single day of your life. Do the work, deal with the obstacles that you have today, don't let them worry you, do your work with precision, accuracy and to your best and move on, enjoy, be free, and most of all the fastest way up the mountain is with curiosity, JOY and excitement.


Take care friends,



Robindra & Myrah, Hero and Soleil

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