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Article: Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Kundalini Yoga

Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Kundalini Yoga

Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Kundalini Yoga

Satnam Loves,
If you haven't already heard, you have probably already been feeling it. Yes, thats right, the first Mercury retrograde of this decade has just begun. 
For me it's already been challenging, we had a ATM machine eat our debit card, which is so difficult to deal with when your travelling.
Mercury rules technology, travel and communication, so during this time all of these things can go haywire.
Any time the messenger planet shifts into reverse, our thinking can get muddled, communication can go sideways, and scheduling will require extreme flexibility—and patience!
Patience is the key to surviving and thriving during this time between February 9 - March 16th. 
Thankfully Yogi Bhajan had a meditation and mantra for this time. 
It's called the Mercury Projection Meditation.
Mercury Retrograde is a Time when We Need our Intuition to be Finely Tuned!

The New Moon is day one of the moon cycle. A new moon is a perfect time for intention and dream-designing set into action.

During a retrograde it is so important to keep doing the work! 


"Mercury is the Lord of Communication, the Star of Communication. This meditation will make your mind most alert. You as a human cannot afford to be wrong. You want to be a yogi? I think all these mudras and postures are meant to put in us infinite alertness. Sometimes the rhythmic flare of the Sun differs with the magnetic rhythm of the under flow of the Earth. Technically this meditation is for the control of the Mercury influence in you. The little finger is connected to Mercury.” – Yogi Bhajan


1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and a light neck lock (chin pulled in slightly to straighten the spine at the neck)
Elbows are bent at the sides. (see photos below).

2. With arms along the side of the body and elbows bent, place the hands in front of the heart center, palms facing each other, fingers pointing up and spread slightly apart.

3. The Mudras (see photos below).

Mudra Part 1:

a. Stretch the thumbs back, pointing towards the chest. Bring the tips of the thumbs, index and middle fingers together. You could draw a short and wide triangle between the tips of the fingers.

b. The ring and pinkie fingers do not touch, and are separated from one another by several inches. The palms are also stretched wide apart.

Mudra Part 2: Holding the mudra, bring the palms toward one another slightly, just until the tips of the pinkie fingers can touch. Make sure that the ring fingertips DO NOT touch.

4. Focus eyes at the tip of the nose.

5. Chant the mantra Wahe Guru in a continuous monotone, with a steady rhythm.

6. Repeat the mantra one full time in Position 1, and then chant the mantra one full time in Position 2. Each repetition takes about 1 1/2 seconds.
Pronounce each syllable distinctly: Wah – hay – gu – roo.

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